• June 10, 2020
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TEXT: EXODUS 1:15-22.
🔑KEY VERSE “But the midwives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded, but saved the men children alive” (EXODUS 1:17).

The culture of volleying blame, buck-passing and excuses are prevalent in our society. Too often, people are quick to blame others for their misdemeanor, weaknesses and lack of conviction or wicked actions. Employees blame employers for tempting or pressuring them to be unfaithful or lazy because they are not being treated fairly. Some husbands/wives may try to hide under the leaking umbrella of having ‘a difficult spouse’ as an excuse for extra-marital affair.

But the narrative in our passage stands to condemn many people and shut their mouths from giving excuses for failures and lack of fear of God. The midwives had every excuse under heaven to carry out the ungodly and inhuman decree of Pharaoh to kill every new male Hebrew child. But they disobeyed that wicked order. Of course, they knew the danger if they were discovered but the fear of God and compassion made them to damn the consequences. God who sees all deeds of men commended them (verses 20,21).

It is important to draw some useful lessons from this incident.

At one time or the other, we will definitely be confronted with choices to do right or wrong, to be human or inhuman, to do good or evil.

Our responses in such difficult situations may well reveal the depth of our character. We are created as free moral agents with power to agree or disagree with issues or things that we know to be inhuman or ungodly.

God will also comment and reward us when we take our stand against ungodly actions under whatever guise.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You will give account of your actions and inactions.



Some lessons from idol worshippers

  1. The midwives were brought up in an idolatrous environment, yet they believed and feared the only true God above all else.
    L Your godless background should not be an excuse for not seeking the truth and breaking off from false religions or ways. vv17,21.
  2. All the Egyptians and the task masters cooperated with Pharaoh in carrying out evil racial and hateful assignment except the midwives v11,12.
    L Be willing and ready to distinguish yourself from majorityif you want to please God Exodus 23:2.
  3. The nurses, in line with their professional training, had a strong conviction on the sanctity of life and were not ready to compromise it vv16,17.
    Q Are you faithful to the ethics of your profession even when it is tough to do so? vv15,16.
  4. Their fear of God made them to obey God above the most powerful king on earth at that time vv17-19.
    Q Do you have such an uncompromising fear of God? Acts 5:29.
  5. God is a faithful rewarder of the faithful vv20,21.
    L If heathen midwives without a Bible or preachers can so fear God, then you are inexcusable before God.
    Q What other lessons can you learn from these midwives?
    Q Mention other examples of people with strong and uncompromising convictions who said NO to powers that be and YES to God in the Bible.
    Lord, I ask for your fear that will not be intimidated by any living being
    Lord, use your word to build strong, godly and uncompromising convictions in me
    I hereby ask for grace to be faithful to you and stand alone for you at difficult times
    God help you children not to be devalued by the spirit of compromise of this generation

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