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🔑KEY VERSE “Therefore he said unto Judah, Let us build these cities and make about them walls, and towers, gates, and bars, while the land is yet before us; because we have sought the LORD our God, we have sought him, and he hath given us rest in every side. So they built and prospered” (2 CHRONICLES 14:7).

Knowing the right time to make important moves and execute important projects is very essential if we must achieve success. This principle is well understood almost in every field of human life. No matter how laudable an idea or project may be, if the timing is wrong, it is bound to fail.

King Asa understood this principle well and did not fail to use it. As he became king of Judah, he first led the people back to God. They did away with idol worship and made a covenant to serve the Lord. As a result, the Lord gave them peace and rest from their adversities which resulted in national prosperity. King Asa saw this time as the most appropriate to build and fortify the cities. As they embarked on this project, the Lord prospered them.

Setting things aright in our personal, family and corporate lives is very important. Today, we often pray and wish that God would prosper us, help us build and fortify our nation, homes, churches, businesses and lives; but except we turn to Him fully and do away with modern-day idolatries in our lives, we cannot experience His move.

As believers, we must have our spiritual senses sharpened well enough to recognise when the Lord is on the move and key into it.

Moments of great revivals are times we can take advantage of to experience great spiritual and other blessings in our lives. Times when God has given us peace, rest and prosperity are times we can seize to build up our spiritual lives, consolidate spiritual blessings and advance to win more souls to the Lord. Are you taking advantage of the present moment of grace to draw near to God and make peace with Him? Do not miss the time because there may not be any other like it!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: What time is it; what move are you making?



When the righteous reigns

  1. The divinely imparted national blessings
    What were the national blessings that Judah received as a result of godliness? vv6,7,11,12,15. Rest, safety of lives and property, security, infrastructural developments, prosperity, victory over external and stronger aggressors, both visible and invisible. What a fortunate nation!
  2. The definite actions that brought supernatural blessings
    a. Destruction of age long foundations of unrighteousness and idol worship vv3,5.
    b. Encouragement and mobilization of people to pray and seek the face of the Lord by their leaders and rulers v4. Are our leaders not negligent of this at this period of time?
    c. The rulers were committed to pleasing God and not just eye service v2.
    d. Needful human actions were not hypocritically relegated to spirituals and vice-versa vv7,8.
  3. Dutiful reflections
    a. Most nations have one or two of those blessings above missing. What are those ones missing in your nation, family and personal lives?
    b. Which of the “definite actions” above is missing in your nation, family or community?
    Generate 3 prayer points from each section above and pray on them for your life and family
    Pray for the rulers and leaders in your nation on the points raised above
    Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people

HYMN There shall be showers of blessings

  1. There shall be showers of blessing:
    This is the promise of love;
    There shall be seasons refreshing,
    Sent from the Savior above.
    Showers of blessing,
    Showers of blessing we need;
    Mercy-drops round us are falling,
    But for the showers we plead.
    There shall be showers of blessing—
    Precious reviving again;
    Over the hills and the valleys,
    Sound of abundance of rain.
    There shall be showers of blessing;
    Send them upon us, O Lord!
    Grant to us now a refreshing;
    Come, and now honor Thy Word.
    There shall be showers of blessing;
    O that today they might fall,
    Now as to God we’re confessing,
    Now as on Jesus we call!
    There shall be showers of blessing,
    If we but trust and obey;
    There shall be seasons refreshing,
    If we let God have His way.
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