The Blessing And Your Joy (1&2) By Pastor Paul Enenche » Flatimes

  • October 6, 2020
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The Blessing And Your Joy (1&2) By Pastor Paul Enenche » Flatimes


Pastor Paul Enenche

The Blessing And Your Joy (1&2) By Pastor Paul Enenche

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By: Dr. Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the connection between the Blessing and joy.
The Blessing of the Lord is a major doorway to joy and fulfilment in life.
Blessed people are excited people; blessed people are fulfilled people.
To be blessed is to be guaranteed joy.
Blessed people are glad people; blessed people are happy people; blessed people are celebrated people.
Blessed people are exciting, excited and excitable people.


  1. The Blessing makes people
    1a. The blessing processes people unto destiny
    1b. The Blessing facilitates the fulfilment of life’s purpose
  2. The Blessing attracts resources supernaturally (Prov. 10:22; Deut. 8:18)
    2a. The Blessing magnetizes relevant human, financial and other resources needed for a fulfilled life
    2b. The Blessing releases upon the Blessed the power to conquer resources (Deut. 8:18)
  3. The Blessing eliminates struggles
    3a. The Blessing of God forbids the spell of labour without reward
    3b. The Blessing neutralizes the plague of empty-handedness and fruitless effort
  4. The Blessing of God eliminates the climate of sorrow and depression (Prov. 10:22)
    4a. The Blessing of God attracts the climate of joy, celebration and fulfilment
    4b. The Blessing counteracts the climate of frustration and desolation
  5. The Blessing brings progress and acceleration to life (Gen. 26:12-13; Ps. 84:7; Prov. 4:18)
    5a. The Blessing handles stagnation and delays in life
    Whatever you do to attract the Blessing of God in your life will multiply your joy
    5b. The Blessing introduces action and dynamism to life (Ps. 84:7; Prov. 4:18)


  1. The generation of those who seek the Face of the God of Jacob (Ps. 24:5-6; Matt. 6:33; Ex. 20:24)
    The Blessing handles stagnation and delays in life
    There are many that seek the Hand of God and they end empty-handed but those who seek His Face can never end empty-handed
  2. The generation that understands the Blessing Covenant of releasing and receiving (Gen. 12:2-3; 14:18-20; 8:22; 2Cor. 9:6-7; Acts 20:35; Mal. 3:8-10; Heb. 7:7-8)
    Those who don’t understand the law of giving, they can never experience the Blessing of God
  3. The generation that walks in uprightness before God (Job 1:1-3; Ps. 5:12; Prov. 11:11)
    You cannot follow the pathway of crookedness and end in the way of blessedness
    It is possible to be upright and be right up
    It is possible to have integrity and prosperity
    When people are breaking rules to make money, don’t break it with them because those who break rules, rules break them


Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


  1. In this month of October, the Lord grant you the Blessing of His Presence, in Jesus’ Name.
  2. The Lord release upon you the Blessing of joy, fulfilment and peace. Everything that has put your joy under pressure, this month, they are arrested and released from your life, in Jesus’ Name.
  3. The Lord perfect His plan and purpose for your life, in Jesus Name.
  4. The Lord take you into deeper realms of spirituality, in Jesus’ Name.
  5. The Lord frustrate every satanic agenda against your life in this season; everything projected against you in this season is hereby frustrated, in Jesus’ Name.
  6. The Lord reverse every ancestral, generational, witchcraft, and occultic curse against your life in this season, I declare by the mantle and mandate of God upon my life, they are reversed!
  7. The Lord give you the Blessing of life in this season, in Jesus’ Name. Every arrow of strange disease and sudden death thrown at you and your loved ones is retrieved and fired back at sender!
  8. The Lord cause this last quarter of the year to be your best quarter of the year. All the things that were meant for you in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter that didn’t enter your hands, I declare them released in this quarter, in Jesus’ Name.

COMMUNION FOCUS (1Cor. 10:16):
Cup of the Blessing


  • Whatever will cause your joy to be full, God will release it to you this month
  • Every demon of sorrow and depression around your life is cursed forever
  • Whatever the cross has handled that is still a challenge in your life, I declare, they are crushed
  • Every plague of emptyhandedness upon your life is broken today by the Blessing of God!
  • Something new must happen in your life! I decree in this week and in this month of October, something new is coming into your life!
  • Your life has been on the ground level but God is about to take you up in the air!
  • On your marks, get set, take off!


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