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KEY VERSE “And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years” (REVELATION 20:2).

An agnostic farmer once wrote to the editor of his local newspaper, who was a Christian. He said, “In defiance of your God, I plowed my fields this year on Sunday, I disked and fertilized them on Sunday, I planted them on a Sunday, I cultivated them on a Sunday, and I reaped them on Sunday. This October I had the biggest crop I have ever had. How do you explain that?” The editor replied: “God does not always settle His accounts in October.”

The text reveals that Satan’s reign of impunity will gradually crumble. As a police officer would carry a pair of handcuffs to bind a criminal and a key to lock him up in a prison cell, so will the angel be given authority to bind Satan and lock him up in the abyss of a thousand years to stop him from deceiving the world.

In verse 4, the focus shifts to heaven where the souls of faithful Christians who had suffered and died for Christ are vindicated by coming to life and sitting on thrones in heaven which are symbols of authority and rule.

The real beauty of the passage under consideration today is the spiritual certainty it gives in the midst of our global, political, economic and personal uncertainties.

Evil shall not prevail forever though it may endure for a while. The triumphing of the wicked is short. The day will eventually come when all evil people will answer to their crimes. Nothing can undo Satan’s judgement and Jesus’ victory. The saints will also triumph forever.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Payday will come for all evil people.



Some secrets Satan will not like you to know about himself

  1. He is not the strongest of angels. Many angels are stronger. The angel that will bind him is not a special angel vv1,2.
  2. He is a personality (not just a force) that can be bound with heavenly chains vv1,2. The same with his demons.
  3. He is not omnipresent. He could only be in a place at a time vv1,2.
  4. He is not omniscience. If he knows before hand that the angel is coming at that time to bound him, he would have gathered his demons and put up a fight. This is characteristic of him vv1-3.
  5. He is not omnipotent. Just a single angel caged him vv1,2.
  6. He, with all his activities, can be caged and paralysed v3.
  7. One of his most potent weapon is deception. He deceives nations and individuals with ease v3. Only the knowledge of the scriptures can set man free.
  8. In order to enjoy peace and true prosperity on earth, community, family, church etc, Satan must be bound. The only way there could be peace and prosperity in the millennial is to shut him out of the millennial reign, notwithstanding that Jesus would be visibly reigning v3. Anywhere there is confusion and lack of true peace, bound Satan and the demons first and you will see the result.
  9. All the raptured saints, Old Testament saints and Tribulation saints will partake of the millennial reign except the dead sinners only vv5,6.
  10. If Satan could be bound, then the demons and their servants, including witches and wizards, can and should be bound by the weakest of saints.
    Lord, I praise you because you are the only omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God. Satan is a liar
    Lord, help me to activate the anointing I have as a child of God (greater than angels) be a terror to demons and their captives
    Take full authority over all the activities of Satan in your life, family, Church, community etc and bound them
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