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🔑KEY VERSE “Now therefore, behold, the Lord bringeth up upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, even the king of Assyria, and all his glory: and he shall come up over all his channels, and go over all his banks” (ISAIAH 8:7).

In order to enjoy God’s presence and favour all the time, a person must always surround himself with those who have the presence of God in their lives.

A contrary disposition will not only keep the Lord away but also create cracks for the hosts of hell to set in; thus, listen to the fierce fury of the judge of heaven and earth. The presence of God begets more of His presence. His absence induces the presence of everything associated with evil.

At a time in the days of the ungodly King Ahaz of Judah, Israel and Syria waged war on Jerusalem. Instead of counting on God for victory, Ahaz reached for an equally godless Assyrian monarch. Both did not have the presence of the Lord in their undertakings. God said He would use these same forces over Syria to punish Judah. The Lord said the Assyrian army will overrun the land, suggesting total conquest.

The Lord reveals that these descendants of Abraham could have resulted in the refreshing promises of protection He had for them in the land. These could have been their bulmark against any invading enemy. But, alas, said God, “these people refuseth the waters of Shiloah that go softly.” This refers to the spring of water in Jerusalem and it is representative of the serenity and the security that come when you put your trust in the Lord.

The world has since gone the way of Ahaz and Judah with its repudiation of God and his demand for uncompromising holiness as a lifestyle in every facet of man’s enterprise. There have been dire consequences, as the divine law has not changed. Punishment will come upon those who desert God. The way out, as it has always been, is to move away from all that displeases the Lord, surround ourselves with His presence and get nourishment to attract more of His goodness.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY There is strength in the presence of God.



What not to do with prophecies

Ahaz was fortunate to reign at the time of a great national prophet called Isaiah. However, the ministry of Isaiah and his God-given prophecies (the word of God) did not profit Isaiah.

  1. Don’t despise prophecies because it is tantamount to despising the Giver I Thessalonians 1:22.
  2. Don’t disbelieve prophecies from God or else you miss the intended benefits Hebrews 4:2.
  3. Don’t be discouraged by negative prophecies or dreams. God only wants you to pray against it and also repent if there are wrongs in your life 2 Kings 20:1-5.
  4. Don’t be docile about positive prophecies. Still, pray that it comes to pass Ezekiel 36:37.
  5. Don’t give in to doubt even if there is a delay in manifestation Hebrews 10:35-38.
  6. Don’t disobey the instructions attached to the prophecy. Disobedience makes prophecy impotent Deuteronomy 18:18,19:28:1.
  7. Don’t be deceived by it once it is not in line with the written word of God Matthew 7:15,20,22,23.
  8. Don’t ever denounce prophecies from God. Keep praising God and confessing them while waiting for fulfilments Romans 4:2, Hebrews 10:35.
    Praise God for His unfailing word of prophecy and promises
    Pray that His word will always be mixing with faith in your heart
    Pray that the Holy Spirit will always be activating and remind you of the word of prophecies
    Pray that no member will be a prey of false prophets in angelic garments

HYMN Trust and Obey

  1. When we walk with the Lord
    In the light of His Word,
    What a glory He sheds on our way;
    While we do His goodwill,
    He abides with us still,
    And with all who will trust and obey.
    Trust and obey,
    For there’s no other way
    To be happy in Jesus,
    But to trust and obey.
    Not a shadow can rise,
    Not a cloud in the skies,
    But His smile quickly drives it away;
    Not a doubt or a fear,
    Not a sigh or a tear,
    Can abide while we trust and obey.
    Not a burden we bear,
    Not a sorrow we share,
    But our toil He doth richly repay;
    Not a grief or a loss,
    Not a frown or a cross,
    But is blest if we trust and obey.
    But we never can prove
    The delights of His love,
    Until all on the altar we lay;
    For the favor He shows,
    And the joy He bestows,
    Are for them who will trust and obey.
    Then in fellowship sweet
    We will sit at His feet,
    Or we’ll walk by His side in the way;
    What He says we will do;
    Where He sends, we will go,
    Never fear, only trust and obey.
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