• February 10, 2020
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TEXT: JOHN 9:1-7.

KEY VERSE “Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him” (JOHN 9:3).

It was a common belief among the Jews that one’s sins were directly responsible for one’s physical infirmity. But Jesus said the man’s condition in our text was no consequence of his sins or that of his parents’. Most times, people make rash comments and draw undue conclusions in matters they know nothing about. By so doing, they sin against God.

Brent Lamb once scripted, “If you can’t find something good to say; say nothing at all.” Believers must be wary of the use of their tongues. If Jesus was not present to correct such a wrong impression, it would have festered; the blind man would have continued to suffer in abject rejection and become a victim of uncouth and harmful insinuations. God knows the situation of all men and the root cause of everyone’s challenges.

Today, many are down with various challenges of life. Do we see them as people going through some form of divine punishment for their sin? Believers must be purveyors of soothing words that build up people’s faith. Jesus did not leave His disciples to run away with the wrong impression. He went ahead to heal the man’s eyes.

Thus, He saved a soul and the subsequent verses showed how the miracle affected the whole community. We must learn to hold our peace if we do not have proper understanding of one’s situation. As believers, we should, like Jesus, leave positive and lasting impressions in the minds of those we come across. We should not allow human tradition and superstition to hinder the move of God in our lives. Are you a victim of wrong insinuations? There is nothing to worry about. If the all-knowing and all-seeing God will vindicate you.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY No man can give a fitting definition of you; only the Creator does!



No accidental creation

  1. Natural defects in some creations are not accidental but for a purpose vv1-3. Also, there is no child of accident; there is purpose for every born babe.
  2. Inborn weakness or frailty is not necessarily as a result of sin of the parents or the person vv1-3.
  3. The purpose of the defects is not for man to resigned to it as fate. That is not the reason for the design vv1-3.
  4. God allows such things to give room for miracles so that man may know the might power of God and what He can do v3.
  5. Any defect in man, moral, mental or bodily, is an herald of miracles. God is only glorified and the purpose fulfilled when the person receives a miracle v3.
  6. Believers are destined to be heralds of miracles of recreation to others vv4,5. This privilege will not always be there for believers.
    7 Why did Jesus used this method of miracle when He could just “speak the word only”? v11.
    a. To show that He has 1001 ways of doing miracles and answer prayers. So don’t limit him to a particular method.
    b. To show that natural defects are not accidental and that He could create and recreate perfectly like in Eden by choice.
    Praise God because you are not a creation of accident. There is a specific purpose and destiny for your creation/birth
    Ask for a miracle if you have any natural defect or weakness. God wants to do it. Don’t resigned to it
    Ask God for a miracle of Jesus if you have moral or character defects
  7. God knew man would fall and He, rather than avoiding creating man, decided to use that to show His power that He can make man morally perfect.
    Pray to God to stretch His recreation power to heal the sick in the Church
    Ask God to use you as agents of miracles
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