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KEY VERSE “Also day by day, from the first day unto the last day, he read in the book of the law of God. And they kept the feast seven days; and on the eight day was a solemn assembly, according unto the manner” (NEHEMIAH 8:18).

A school teacher was known for using high-sounding words. One day, one of his students asked him, “Sir, how did you do it? What’s the secret of your mastery of these words?” The teacher replied, “I read the dictionary nine times every day.”

The people of Israel wept uncontrollably after hearing the words of the law by Ezra the priest. But Nehemiah and the Levites comforted them, telling them that it was not the day of mourning but rejoicing. The Levites encouraged them to eat, drink and send their portions. They found in the book of the law God’s commandment concerning dwelling in the booths in the feast of the seventh month. Without doubt or argument, all the congregation came out and gathered the materials needed to build the booths.

God’s word is a sharp sword that cuts into our innermost being to discern our inner thoughts and motives. As a discerner of the intents of the heart, what it reveals might make us cry. But such weeping, if borne out of sorrow for sin, should pleasantly lead to repentance.

What is your attitude to the word of God? Do you read it day by day and obey whatever instructions God has given? What is your attitude when you hear a preacher mention some of your secret sins? Do you repent or urge the preacher to stop in your heart? You cannot know God’s righteousness except you read the Bible every day. It is the book for everyone who wants to obey God.

Do you rush out every morning without praying and reading the Scriptures? If the school teacher illustrated above could read the dictionary nine times every day, why should you skip Bible reading any day? Every true child of God derives spiritual strength from the Word.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY The Bible is God’s book of law to the Christian; read and obey it.



Not just a religious book

  1. The word of God firstly convicts of sin and wrong doing like no other book does vv9,11.
  2. They were grieved because of their sins to the point of losing appetite in the midst of plenty vv10,11.
    Ask for conviction of sins and repentance for unsaved nominal Church goers
    Ask that Daily Manna will have touching and transforming effect on the readers
  3. The understanding, impact and import of the word of God, though written in human language, cannot have the full effect without assistance of the Holy Spirit and His anointed holy ministers v12b.
  4. There are always new things to discover in the word of God if there is right response and obedience to already known truth vv13,14. It is meant for a lifetime discoveries.
    Ask for the Spirit of understanding to be giving you deep understanding as you read or hear the word of God
  5. True response and obedience to the word of God will always bring gladness, satisfaction and fulfilment v17b.
    Ask for the profits and the blessings of obedience to the word to be real in the life of all our members
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