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🔑KEY VERSE “And whomsoever he toucheth that hath the issue, and hath not rinsed his hands in water, he shall wash his clothes, and bath himself in water, and be unclean until the even” (LEVITICUS 15:11).

In 1818, Ignaz Phillip Semmelweis was born into a world of dying women. The finest hospitals lost one out of six young mothers to the scourge of “childbed fever.” A doctor’s daily routine began in the dissecting room where he performed autopsies. From there, he made his way to the hospital to examine expectant mothers without ever pausing to wash his hands. Dr. Semmelweis was the first man in history to associate such examinations with the resultant infection and death. His own practice was to wash with a chlorine solution; and after eleven years and the delivery of 8,537 babies, he lost only 184. He once said:

‘Gentlemen, women are dying… For God’s sake, wash your hands.’ But no one believed him then.

This book of Leviticus is replete with teachings on separation and cleansing. It teaches about clean and unclean food and the need to wash for cleanliness’ sake. In the passage under review, focus is on the uncleanness of a man, and the need to separate others from his uncleanness both for spiritual reasons and for proper hygiene. The instruction is to wash the hands and clothes and to bath in water to keep the germs and bacteria away.

The priests in the Old Testament dealt with matters of health together with the mandatory ceremonies and rituals for cleansing of sin. The priests were required to wash repeatedly and bath themselves in water before and after entering into the tabernacle and the temple to officiate.

Disease control and health education has become so compulsory today as part of prevention mechanisms. Prevention is said to be better than cure. Henceforth, let us ensure we maintain the highest forms of hygiene to prevent bacteria and disease from spreading into our homes and neighborhoods.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY The Bible’s standard on spiritual and physical cleanliness is for the benefit of man.



The unchanging rules of hygiene

  1. All human bodily emissions, discharges and secretions are unclean regardless of the physical beauty of the person vv1-3.
    These include sweats, odours, diseases etc.
    Spiritually “I know that in me (my flesh) dwells no good thing” Romans 7:18. All the “good” works of the unregenerate are not acceptable to God no matter how man describe it as good Romans 3:10. Only salvation by Jesus can make man acceptable to God. No person worth of respect as God will take a bread from from a stinking toilet to eat.
  2. To contain the spread of diseases and uncleanness, the following must be observed.
    a. Avoid touching the person with bare hands, and if you accidentally do, wash with running water and soap v7.
    b. Avoid physical contact with whatever the person touches and wash with water if you accidentally do vv4-6.
    c. Avoid droplets (e.g. through sneezing) from the infected and the infected should not be careless with his/her droplets. One way is to wear facemasks and keep social distance. Be your brothers keepers v8.
    d. Practice self distancing even when you are in the same motor or anywhere v9.
    Spiritually Distance yourself from any evil or appearance of evil. Don’t be partakers of other people’s sin no matter how much you love them I Timothy 5: 22.
  3. Washing with running water vv5-7,12.
    Often bathing, washing of clothes, washing of objects that the body touches are non compromisable rules of hygiene. The water used must be running or clean water. Learn to be hygienic. You cannot over wash or over bathe.
    Spiritually There cannot be pure hearts and life without the constant “washing of the water by the word” Ephesians 5:26. Spend time with hearing, reading, meditation and praying on the word of God if you want to live a clean life Psalm 119:9,11.
  4. The unclean, either the source or the cause of uncleanness, must make atonement through shedding of blood vv15,16.
    Spiritually The person who is unclean, and the person who did not take enough caution to make sure his brother is not made to fall into uncleanness have sinned and need the blood of Jesus for cleansing.
    Faith does not cancel duty Even though Israel were given many promises of healing by God, it is the same God that gave them hygienic rules to observe.
    Praise God for His unfailing promises that assure that “no evil shall come near your dwelling”
    Promise God that you will play your own part in obeying hygienic rules
    Ask God to show mercy and deliver the nations from this deadly virus
    Pray that your economy and that of your nation will not collapse. He will feed you in famine as promised

HYMN: Just Obey

Verse 1
Just as God who reigns on High
Spake to men in days gone by,
So the Lord is calling men today;
And, my brother this is true,
Whatso-e’er He says to you
There is but one thing to do, just obey
Just obey, just obey,
Is the way, God’s way;
When His message comes to you,
There is but one thing to do,
Just obey, just obey
Verse 2
If you’re in the Saviour’s hands,
You must do as He commands,
For there is no other gospel way;
Never put the message by,
Never stop to reason why,
When the Saviour speaks to you, just obey
Just obey, just obey,
Is the way, God’s way;
When His message comes to you,
There is but one thing to do,
Just obey, just obey
Verse 3
If for mansions fair you sigh
In that land beyond the sky
After time with you has pass’d away;
Tho’ the way you may not see,
Christ is calling ”Follow Me”
Faith and duty both will cry just obey
Just obey, just obey,
Is the way, God’s way;
When His message comes to you,
There is but one thing to do,
Just obey, just obey.

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