• June 23, 2020
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🔑KEY VERSE “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands” (PROVERBS 14:1).

Women have been negatively portrayed, not only as intellectually inferior to men, but also as a major source of temptation and evil. In Greek mythology, for example, it was a woman, Pandora, who opened the forbidden box and brought plagues and unhappiness to mankind. Early Roman law described women and children forever inferior to men.

From our text, however, a true wife makes a man’s life nobler, better, by the power of her love. The miracle happens as she clings to him in holy confidence and loving dependence. The wife inspires her husband with her courage, earnestness and beauty. She smoothens the rough edges in his life with her softness and clothes him with the gentler graces of refined and cultured character. While she yields to him and never disregards his God-ordained headship, she remains his queen.

The job of a mother can be overwhelming, requiring charity, focus and grace to start anew when we fail. We need patience; we also need to bear in mind that slow-learning children will outgrow their childishness.

The virtuous woman is regarded in Scriptures as one who will be praised, whose price is far above rubies, who is hardworking and prudent; she is a loving mother and one the entire family depends on for proper care and nourishment. In short, she is not merely a housewife; she is the manager of the home. Let us leave our womenfolk where God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed them.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY The woman is the flower in the vase.



Check how wise you are

  1. The fool’s (father or mother) personal interests are more paramount above his/her home/family interests v1.
  2. The wise invest, care, build and sacrifice for his family while the fool (spouse) care less if the family collapses or is scattered v1.
  3. The fool despises the commandments of Him Who is greater than the greatest; while the wise reference His word and obey Him v2.
  4. A fool has a leaking lip while the wise speaks words of wisdom v3.
  5. A fool does not have the capacity to learn, love and live out wisdom but the wise humbly acquires more knowledge and become wiser v6.
  6. The fool make a mockery of righteous doctrines while the cherishes them and live them out v7.
    Q How can you classify yourself based on the above points
    Q Does it profit arguing or teaching a confirmed fool? v7.
    Ask God that He will give you a wise heart
    Take any trace of foolishness in your life to the cross and ask for inner transformation
    Ask for power over your tongue and grace that will make your tongue a reservoir of wisdom
    Pray for deliverance from all forms of foolishness that may be working against every couple and family in the church

HYMN Open my eyes that I may see

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