• February 11, 2020
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TEXT: JOHN 9:8-12.

KEY VERSE “The neighbors therefore, and they which before had seen him that he was blind, said, Is not this he that sat and begged?” (JOHN 9:8).

The blind man had been in the situation since birth; so long that everyone around him knew his predicament. He used to beg openly and that miserable nature had become synonymous with him. He had sat as usual, begging for alms; but something greater than alms came his way. He received a miracle of mercy and became a marvel to his neighbours.

Many believers today are almost wearied because their expectations from God are being delayed.

You may have attended countless number of vigils, prayer meetings and crusades. You may have also listened to powerful ministrations by men of God, yet it appears your challenges have refused to bow; don’t give up. The blind man had always gone to that road side to beg for alms. If he had felt so discouraged that he decided not to go out that day, he could have missed it. Your miracle is by the corner; don’t lose hope.

In 1903 Fanny J. Crosby wrote: “Never give up; never give up to thy sorrows; Jesus will bid them depart; trust in the Lord; trust in the Lord; sing when your trials are greatest; trust in the Lord and take heart.” If we will persevere in faith in spite of challenges, the Lord will surely visit us.

Everyone knew the identity of the blind beggar, though some were reluctant to admit that he could now see. Their reluctance notwithstanding, the testimony of the neighbours confirmed the fact that the man could now see.

Those who gather to frustrate you will beg to be part of your celebration. It will be a pleasant surprise.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY “If God is making you wait, then be prepared to receive more than what you asked.”



From grass to glory

  1. It happened suddenly.
    Q Give examples of other people in the Bible whose status changed suddenly and miraculously (e.g. Joseph, Mordecai and Esther).
  2. No other explanation can be given to the change other than a miracle of mercy.
  3. Even though it came suddenly, it was after years of patience, perseverance, persistence, prayer, possibility mentality and positive confession of the word of God.
    4. The secret: First invite Christ to intervene, hear His voice and instructions on your peculiar case distinctly, obey His voice diligently and wait patiently for His manifestation v11.
    Ask for a spectacular miracle of mercy
    Ask for grace to persevere in hope and prayers until your change for better comes
    Ask for His specific word and instruction on your challenges
    Pray that year 2020 will be characterized by sudden change of status in every dimension for Church members.
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