TEXT: ISAIAH 10:20-34.
🔑KEY VERSE “And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing” (ISAIAH 10:27).

Few years ago, middle-aged woman living in Texas had cancer. To seek solution to her ailment, she visited many healing centers but to no avail. One day in her local church, the pastor asked the congregation to sing and worship God. And she was there. Twenty minutes into the worship service, she felt pains all over her body and fell. When she rose up two minutes later, she noticed that all the lumps had disappeared. Jesus had taken away the cancer off her.

The text highlights the return of the remnant of Israel to God. Initially, they were like the sand of the sea but were reduced to a remnant because of disobedience and the judgement of God. Yet, God’s anger on His people was for a brief moment and He delivered Israel from the hands of their enemies. He assured them He would destroy the yoke because of the anointing and He did fulfil the promise.

Yoke is what slows you down spiritually and physically.

It could be sickness, bad luck, discouragement and other forms of afflictions of the devil.

When Jesus, the anointed One, comes into your life, He will break every yoke and set you at liberty.

Where He is, there is anointing. Jesus is the true yoke Breaker.

This is the day of your deliverance and proclamation of it. Israel, the chosen nation, was set free from Assyrian oppression by the power of the anointing. So you must be set free if you are a believer in Jesus Christ. When a person in authority makes a decree, it stands. Jesus, the anointed One, decrees full liberation into your life through His anointing and all your yokes are broken. Yokes of sins, sicknesses or diseases, demonic oppression, afflictions, depression and unemployment are broken. Receive deliverance from all yokes from Jesus, the yoke Breaker.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY You are free by reason of the anointing!



And the the burden shall be taken away

  1. The nature of the Assyrian burden
    a. It forces you to lean upon your oppressor for survival like Israel did to the Assyrian v20.
    b. It is a form of compulsory servitude to a stronger person or power, habit and diseases included, without liberty to make your own decision v20.
    c. It has power to overpower your will power, enslave your mind and reduce what you have built, including character, wealth, relationships, over time to rubble vv21-23.
    d. It renders you helpless against afflictions of the devil v24b.
    e. This burden (Assyrian) initially appeared to be invincible with some initial fearful victories vv28-32.
    Q Any thing that appears like Assyrian in your life and family?
  2. The name of the anointed burden bearer
    a. Praise God, “be not afraid of the Assyrian”. He does not have the final say v24.
    b. There is Someone anointed to take his burden or dominion away from your shoulder v27.
    c. The Anointed One is Jesus. Read Luke 4:18.
    d. The Lord is the burden bearer Isaiah 55:22.
    e. The Lord of hosts shall finally and perpetually destroy your Assyrian vv33,34.
    Lord, I hereby transfer all the burden of my life (mention it) that is weighing me down into your hands the burden bearer
    This Assyrian yoke on my neck (mention it), I use the name of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Ghost to break it, break in Jesus name
    Lord of power, release the anointing that breaks all kind in yokes into the life of my pastor
    Lord, I ask that the burden of COVID-19 be taken away and its yoke broken in the name of Jesus

HYMN Christ Jesus has the power

  1. Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    The power to forgive,
    The pow’r to quicken whom He will,
    And make the sinner live.
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    O tell it far and near!
    O bring to Him your guilty heart,
    And grace shall banish fear!
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    The pow’r of God He wields!
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    My heart surrender yields!
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    I trust Him evermore!
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    I worship and adore!
    2 Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    The power to renew,
    The pow’r to cleanse your heart from sin,
    And make you wholly true.
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r
    For evermore to keep;
    O none can pluck you from His hand,
    Or rob Him of His sheep! [Chorus]
  2. Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    The power to console,
    The pow’r to carry all your care—
    On Him your burdens roll.
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    To wipe the tear away;
    O place in Him your confidence!
    O trust Him, and obey! [Chorus]
  3. Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    The power to destroy,
    The pow’r to bruise your enemy
    Who would your soul annoy.
    Christ Jesus hath the pow’r,
    When on your dying bed,
    To give your soul the victory,
    The pow’r to raise the dead! [Chorus]