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TEXT: MATTHEW 9:14-26.
🔑KEY VERSE “While he spoke these things unto them, behold there came a certain ruler, and worshipped him, saying, My daughter is even now dead: but come and lay thy hand upon her, and she shall live” (MATTHEW 9:18)

These days, employers of labour say only those who can multitask are fit for employment. Interview panelists would not entertain one-track professionals, even if they are geniuses in their field. They must effectively combine a lot of their functions while performing in their specialised area. Our generation of entrepreneurs argue that this kind of office work does not just increase productivity; it also saves money for diversification and more investments in the business.

Let them

learn from Jesus Christ, Who multitasked on behalf of humanity for eternal consequences.

As He calls the Pharisees to order on the weighty issues of not mixing up fasting in the old dispensation with the new way He brought, a synagogue ruler comes to Him and requests that He come and heal his dying daughter. Our compassionate healer obliges. On the way, a woman with an issue of blood for twelve years touched the helm of His garment and was made whole.

The story does not end there. At the home of the synagogue ruler, they “laughed him to scorn” for saying” “the maid is not dead, but sleepeth.” But that did not deter him from giving life into the lifeless maid.

We must learn from the spiritual multitasking principles of our Lord and apply them creatively in our evangelism work for the expansion of His kingdom. He would not shy from demands meant to bring forth the glory of God; nor would He procrastinate for the sake of self-convenience when there was work to do for the Father. He was always approachable. Our Lord had a balanced view about multitasking. Unlike the exploitative one of the world which benefits the greedy, His own advances the kingdom of God, brings salvation, joy and hope to the lost.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Be business-minded in work for Jesus.


HYMN He never said final NO to any who believed Him

  1. 2 cases of problems: death and incurable disease vv18-25.
  2. In both cases there was unshakeable faith that Jesus had the total answers.
    Lord, I believe in your love and power to give total solution to my challenges
  3. Observe that the manifestations of their faith differs. But none was declined or disappointed by Jesus.
    Lord, give me the Spirit of ever increasing faith in You and Your word. I reject all doubts and unbelief
  4. Have you ever realized that there was no one with faith that He did not answer in the Bible?
  5. Because of His deep and genuine love for mankind; because of His omnipotence and because of His mission on earth to destroy the work of the devil, Jesus will never deny, decline or disappoint any who comes to Him with persistent faith Hebrews 13:8. This is applies to salvation from sin, Satan and sicknesses. You must read John 6:37.
  6. This fact should encourage our faith, challenge pour fervency and perseverance in prayers Luke 18:1,7.
    Ask God for the miracle you need with faith
    Ask that the faith of members will never fail in this age of skepticism

HYMN No one like my Saviour

  1. There’s no one like my Saviour,
    No friend can be like Him;
    My never failing sunshine
    When earthly lights grow dim;
    When summer flow’rs are blooming,
    The brightness of my joy;
    O, may His happy service
    My heart and life employ!
    No one, no one like my precious Saviour,
    No one, no, such a friend can be;
    No one, no one like my precious Saviour,
    Glory, glory, Jesus cares for me.
    2 There’s no one like my Saviour;
    In seasons of distress
    He draws me closer to Him,
    To comfort and to bless;
    He gives me in temptation
    The strength of His right arm;
    His angels camp around me
    To keep me from all harm. [Refrain]
    3 There’s no one like my Saviour;
    He pardons all my sin,
    And gives his Holy Spirit
    A springing well within;
    He leads me out to service
    With gentle touch and mild;
    O wonder of all wonders
    That I should be His child! [Refrain]
    4 There’s no one like my Saviour,
    Come now, and find it true;
    He gave His life a ransom,
    His blood was shed for you;
    Then when we reach the City
    Of everlasting light,
    We’ll sing with saints and angels,
    All honour, pow’r and might. [Refrain]
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