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TEXT: JOB 23:1-17.
KEY VERSE “But he knows the way that I take: when he has tried me I shall come forth as gold” (JOB 23:10).

Trying times are like dark hours with no glimmer of light. We grope about looking for a hand to lead and pull us out of the darkness. Overwhelmed by our pain and suffering, we feel all alone – abandoned by men and God. At such harrowing times, we wonder where God is. We wish He would show up, speak to us and end the pains we bear.

This was the experience of Job. What seemed to make his woes and suffering more intense was God’s silence. He had tried reaching out to Him by every means he could and in every place he knew but God seemed to be nowhere. Since he could not reach Him with his senses, he resolved to reach Him by faith! He assured himself that though he could not sense God around, still he believed that He was there. He was certain that He would use his trials and calamity to bring out the best in him. He would come forth as gold!

This is also what we need today. If your clouds become dark and God appears to be out of sight, and the pangs of pain with the noise of confusion appears to be so loud as to shut out the Spirit’s voice, understand that God is right there by you. He is still on the throne; no amount of wind of suffering can unseat Him! Let your faith reach out to God.

Resolve, like Job, not to give up your integrity and trust in the Lord.

Keep His way and do not turn away from it. Do not choose to backslide and commit spiritual suicide because of your ill circumstances. Hold on to His word and promises. At His time, He will perform the things that are appointed for you. He cannot be late. He did it for Job; He will do it for you. Do not forget; He is right beside you!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Reach out to God with your sense of faith when all other senses fail.



Right attitude during trials of faith

  1. Before the trial of faith
    a. Trial of faith is for those who have experienced God and his salvation v12.
    b. They, like Job, had pleasant experiences of hearing from God personally and directly v12.
    c. They loved the word and had the habit of obeying His word with joy v12.
    d. They were living a life of holiness and a life that pleased the Lord v12.
  2. During trial of faith
    a. There is heavy burden and sorrow in the heart v2.
    b. It is as if God is far away and no more answering prayers v3.
    c. Many good desires are not met by God at the time we expect them vv3,4.
    d. The spirit can no more perceive the presence and the nearness of God vv8,9.
    e. Doubts of the love and loss of assurance of God occupying the mind v15.
    f. Feeling of spiritual darkness in the mind v17
    Q What are your own experiences?
  3. Right attitude
    a. Walk by faith and not by sight or feelings 2 Corinthians 5:7.
    b. Believe that it is a temporary experience which is meant for your good v10.
    c. Hold on to the promises of God which are more valid than your feelings and experiences vv6, 11, Hebrews 13:5.
    d. Be resolute that you will neither fail God nor disappoint Him v11, Psalm 57:7-9.
    e. Avail yourself of all the means of grace: constant fellowship, prayers, reading and meditation on the word of God v12.
    Read Hebrews 10:35-39. It will end in praise if you are faithful to the end in Jesus’ name
    Lord, teach me to always walk by faith and not by sight
    Lord, give me grace and power to be faithful to you to the end no matter the trials and temptations
    Pray for divine visitation to all believers passing through tough times
    Pray that the present challenges will turn to blessings for all believers

HYMN Never give up

1 Never be sad or desponding,
If thou hast faith to believe;
Grace, for the duties before thee,
Ask of thy God and receive.
Never give up,
Never give up,
Never give up to thy sorrows,
Jesus will bid them depart;
Trust in the Lord,
Trust in the Lord,
Sing when your trials are greatest,
Trust in the Lord and take heart.
2 What if thy burdens oppress thee;
What though thy life may be drear;
Look on the side that is brightest,
Pray, and thy path will be clear. [Refrain]
3 Never be sad or desponding,
There is a morrow for thee;
Soon thou shalt dwell in its brightness,
There with the Lord thou shalt be. [Refrain]
4 Never be sad or desponding,
Lean on the arm of thy Lord;
Dwell in the depths of His mercy,
Thou shalt receive thy reward. [Refrain]

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