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🔑KEY VERSE “And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the LORD unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 CHRONICLES 20:15)

We live in a world that is opposed to God. It dispenses everything He has ordained for His children and is pitched in a life-long battle with believers for taking sides with God. Most times, the battle is so fierce that hard-pressed to believers no longer feel the nearness of God. As a result, they begin to doubt their chance of triumphing over the devil, their implacable enemy.

It is only human to be scared in the face of danger, especially through the onslaught of the devil, as it happened to Jehoshaphat. What set him apart from many others is that he knew how to respond to such a frightening situation: he took the case directly to God. Once he learnt that a confederation of enemy nations had come in full force and with great numbers against Judah, King Jehoshaphat, though frightened, turned to the Lord in prayers and proclaimed a fast in his nation.

Gathered with his people in the house of the Lord, Jehoshaphat reminded God about His sovereignty in heaven and on earth, His power and might that no one can withstand, His previous conquest for Israel, giving the land of Canaan as inheritance to the children of Abraham. He confessed they did not know what to do but their eyes were on Him. God, in turn, responded promptly through the assuring prophecy of Jahaziel. Judah should not be afraid nor would they need to fight because the battle was God’s and He would be with them and grant them victory.

In times and troubles, we should learn not to trust in our own devices or allow fear to freeze our faith. Instead, we should put our trust in God and turn to Him in prayers. As His children, He will not abandon us to face the struggles alone nor allow the enemy to triumph over us. He does not hesitate to fight for us. We should confidently trust Him to intervene on our behalf and grant us victory.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When battles arise, stand still; hold your peace and see the glory of the Lord.



How to be victorious over stronger adversaries

  1. Three nations, stronger than Judah, confronted Judah in the battle and Judah won, vv2, 10.
  2. How the victory came
    a. Innocency.
    There was no unrepented sins or offences against those adversaries, vv10,11. Most adversaries go into battle when offended or wronged. Make sure you have a clear conscience towards others, including your adversaries, if you want God to be on your side, Acts 24:16.
    b. Involvement.
    The king did not fight alone. He involved and mobilized both children and adults to join him in fasting and prayers, vv3,4. Don’t fight your battles alone. Together we win, isolated we become easy prey.
    c. Isolation.
    Judah did not yield to the temptation of seeking the help of backslidden and ungodly Israel. They isolated themselves from all ungodly moves and assistance, vv3,4. Avoid worldly methods of responding to crisis if you want God to take over your battle and make you a winner.
    d. Inspiration
    *Inspired prayers and fastings, vv3,5-7. This include using the word of God and His promises, vv7-9.
    *Inspired worship and praises, vv19. The enemies of God cannot withstand these. Wherever there is worship from holy hearts, the angels swing into actions.
    *Illumination to understand what the adversaries are up to, v2,11. Know what the adversary is after in your life. In the case of Peter, they were after his ministry.
    *Inspired confession of God’s word and promises, vv14,15. Never be tired or despondent. Confess His word anyhow. It works.
    e. Instructions.
    Receive and obey God- given instructions on how to fight the battle, avoiding proud self confidence. Make sure you hear from God, vv12,15. At times God will instruct you to pray in the night or at an “awkward” time. If you do otherwise, you may not get your victory.
    The information above 👆shows how to turn your battle to God’s battle, I John 4:4.
    Give praises to God because He is the General Commanding Office of all your life’s battles🙏
    Ask the Holy Spirit to start giving you revelations and inspirations that will help you fight and win over all your adversaries put together🙏
    Ask for the power of faith, courage and confession that the enemies will not be able to withstand🙏
    Pray for the outpouring of the Spirit that conquers upon all God’s children fighting one battle or the other🙏

HYMN: If God be for us

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