• August 5, 2020
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TEXT: LUKE 14:1-11.
🔑KEY VERSE “And it came to pass, as he went into the house of one of the chief Pharisees to eat bread on the sabbath day, that they watched him” (LUKE 14:1).

It was said that when the British and French were fighting in Canada in the 1750s, Admiral Phillips, commander of the British fleet, was given orders to wait for the British land forces to arrive and then support them when they attacked the city of Quebec. But as the Admiral waited, he grew annoyed by the statues of the saints that adorned a nearby cathedral. So he commanded his men to shoot at them with the ship’s canons. When the land forces eventually arrived and the signal was given to attack, the Admiral was of no help because he had used up all his canons shooting at the “saints”.

Religious leaders in Christ’s day spent most of their time criticising Him without making any meaningful impact in their own service. The Pharisees and Sadducees became an inglorious army of fault finders, looking for loopholes or any violations that they can use against Christ. In the passage under review, the Pharisees would not identify with the plight of the sick man but instead focused on the assumed violation of the laws by healing the man on the Sabbath day.

Fault-finders are very prominent in every church today. They criticize everything that is done for no good reason. Their concern is not about the salvation of souls but whether there is any violation of their self-made rules which are not Bible-based. They advance their wickedness, covetousness and pride by hiding under certain Scripture which they twist to serve their own ulterior purposes.

We should not allow the envious and judgemental Pharisees in the church to drown our zeal. Where possible, Scriptures should be explained to these religious bigots, highlighting the basis behind our deeds; but where they choose not to listen, we must continue to go higher for Christ.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Fault finders can never be path-finders.



How caring is Jesus about your healings and health?

  1. Jesus came for a feast and not a church service, yet He healed. How much more if you attend a service seeking for His touch v1.
  2. The man with the swellings neither asked nor cried to Jesus for healing, yet Jesus healed him. How much more will He heal if you ask? v2.
  3. The swelling was neither critical nor painful, he could be healed at another time. How much more will Christ heal or deliver when your situation is critical or demanding immediate attention v2.
  4. There was controversy surrounding healing him which could necessitate shifting the healing to another time, yet Jesus could not wait vv3,4. Much more Jesus will heal without delay when it is clear tgat no controversy is surrounding your own, vv3,4.
  5. Jesus sees your infirmity as needing desperate miracle much more than the owner of an ass that is fallen into a pit seeks to rescue his ass, v5.
  6. Jesus is so desperate about your healing and good health that He suffered cruel and gruesome beatings with flesh-tearing stripes for your healing, Isaiah 53:5b, I Peter 2:24,25.
  7. Christ, as our compassionate High Priest, is easily touched with the feelings of our infirmities more than we ourselves feel, Hebrews, Hebrew 4:14,15.
    Note The only things that can delay your healing are unwillingness to get healed and unbelief. Jesus is desperate to heal. Why not believe now and pray? 3John 2.
    Give thanks to God that He wants to heal you more than you desire healings yourself🙏
    Appreciate and give praises to Christ for paying the ultimate price for your healings🙏
    Pray to Him now and ask for your healings (Children’s bread) to manifest immediately🙏
    Ask God to use you and others in the Church as agents of healings🙏

HYMN His love can never fail

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