TEXT: EZEKIEL 20:27-38.
🔑KEY VERSE “And I will purge out from among you the rebels and them that transgress against me: I will bring them forth out of the country where they sojourn, and they shall not enter into the land of Israel: and ye shall know that I am the LORD” (EZEKIEL 20:38).

Yeast is a common commodity that you will always find in a bakery. This is because although bread is made from flour, yeast is the ingredient that will make it puffy and become ready for baking. Like yeast and flour, a few negative individuals can play a dominant role in influencing the majority to obey or disobey divine injunctions. Yes, it only takes a few rebels and idolaters to corrupt the entire land.

In the earlier verses of the chapter under consideration, God had wanted to destroy the entire Israelites for their rebellion in the wilderness, but He had mercy. In today’s passage, as soon as the remnant settled in the land of Canaan, they got corrupted with the idols of the land and began to commit whoredoms and made their sons pass through fire. They got entangled in the idolatrous practices of the heathen and served wood and stone.

God would not tolerate such practices. He decided to gather them together and plead with them as He had with their fathers in the wilderness. God promised to purge out from the Israelites the rebels and transgressors and would not allow them to enter into the Promised Land, so that they would not contaminate the righteous ones. Rebellion and idolatry spread like wildfire if not quickly expunged from a congregation.

Because of the ease with which others can influence us imperceptibly, we must consistently subject our hearts to the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit and allow Christ’s work of grace to purge us from any trace of sin. Whenever sin is also found in the congregation, it must be dealt with immediately, before the whole body becomes polluted. To do otherwise is to risk pollution and the impending purge from God.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY God will not condone rebellion and idolatry.



Why God gives incomplete and limited guidance and revelation

  1. What provoked all the prophetic utterances of rebuke for Israel was that they wanted to get guidance and revelation from God, vv3,31b.
  2. God categorically said He will not, but rather He gave them rebukes for their sins and that of their fathers as seen in the text, vv3,31b.
  3. The depth of the revelation and guidance you receive from God is dependent on your depth of obedience to the already revealed word and will of God. This accounts for why many prophetic utterances on many pulpits today are chaffy, earthly and lacks spiritual and heaven content and vision!
  4. Why did God refused them deep revelations and guidance?
    a. Trespasses and transgressions, v27.
    It is self deception and delusion to think that grace shields you away from the consequences of unrepented and unforgiven sins.
    b. Worship with worldliness, v2.
    They worshipped the Lord, but it was not a pure worship. The worships were done in conformity with the practices of the godless world around them, v28.
    c. Sacred practices without spiritual perfection, v29.
    Sacrifices should be done in the temple mount but they preferred doing it on self approved high places. God is a God of perfection. Any spiritual activities void of perfect conformity to the word of God will attract imperfect and incomplete reward.
    d. Sensuality and stubbornness, v30.
    Any service to God that is tainted with sensual thoughts and practices coupled with subtle unwillingness to totally break off from things that displease God is an abominable service.
    e. “Spirituality” with syncretism, v31.
    Mixing traditions and worldly practices with spiritual activities is vain worship, Matthew 15:9.
    f. Worldly mindset, ambitions, desires and aspirations, v32.
    If you mind is engrossed with worldly mentality and ambitions with no consecration to let God have His ways, you will end up pursuing vanity and become vain.
    Note Since God is immutable, anyone who indulges in any of the above will only be seeing God afar off, unqualified to see the full glory of God.
    Q Are you fit to walk closely with God or you are satisfied with seeing God afar off?
    Prayer points
    Lord, search me and purge me from everything that will limit your dealings with me🙏
    Reflect on the 6 things above 👆 that hinder full revelation and guidance from God and earnestly pray on any that you are found wanting🙏
    Lord, I hereby consecrate that “not my will but your will be done in every area of my life” Remove all stubbornness and self will🙏
    Lord, deliver and purge your church from worldly, carnal, syncretic and vain worship and services of the last days🙏
    Reflect and pray through the wording of the hymn👇

HYMN None of self, all of thee