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Defeating Ancestral Yokes By Dr. D.K Olukoya

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‘Defeating Ancestral Yokes’. There are different kinds of enemies or foes, a man may have. You can have current foes, past foes, future foes, ancient foes. The ancient foes are difficult to battle, so today’s topic falls into that arena; falls into the arena of ancient foes. The Bible says ‘our father’s have sinned, and they are not’. So we are now here to carry the consequences.

But you see, the miracle about praying this prayer is this: when this kinds of prayers are properly executed (prayed with fire, with power, with passion, with force, with violence and with faith), ten different things take place where people gather to just do that:

  1. Extraordinary promotion
  2. Open disgrace of stubborn enemies, that is where the kinds of prayers against ancestral powers are properly executed (not half-done oh, or quarterly done)
  3. Unusual open doors, you will just see the door will open and you’ll be surprised where it came from.
  4. Explosive prosperity
  5. Dismantling of long term problems.
  6. The recovery of lost virtues, lost opportunities and lost blessings when properly executed. The reason some of us take the prayers gently is because we don’t know the power of ancestral yokes.

They are the loudest voices in the school of ‘this is how far you can go, you can’t go further’. They are the principal of the school of ‘your father has never been here, your mother has never been here, nobody will come here; so why do you want to be here’? ‘Why do you want to live in his kind of house, your father never lived there, your grand father never lived there, your great grand father never lived there; why do you want to live there now’?
Several times in the deliverance ground, we have found voices telling us ‘please, please, please; what is your business, nobody in the family can prosper and never prospered, so this one too that is praying will not prosper’.

I’m praying for somebody here, any power anywhere (whether in the heavenlies, or the sea, in the marine world, in the forest, in the atmosphere, in the coven) that says ‘this is how far you can go, you cannot go forward’; (with a seven fold Amen), we bury now in the name of Jesus!

  1. Disgrace of impossibilities
  2. Miracles begin to happen that will make people respect your God, when these prayers are properly executed.
    These prayers are gethsemane kind of prayers. Gethsemane kind of prayers is not prayers you pray like this: ‘thank you Lord, glory be to your name, I bless you Jehovah’, it’s not that kind of ice cream prayers. It’s not the prayer of sign of the cross, no. To be quite honest, they have no respect for that sign of the cross, they only have respect for Jesus. They only have respect for the power in the blood of Jesus and for the work that was done on the cross of Calvary; not you just imitating the sign of the cross. It won’t amount to anything.
    It’s not the kind of prayer where your heart is just roaming around and in somewhere else, it’s not the kind of prayer that your hands and legs don’t even know that you’re praying. The ancestral powers will not ask a person not to gather wealth, no. They will let the person gather it, then one day they will just wreck everything. Miracles that will make people believe and respect your God, happens when you properly execute the prayer against ancestral yokes.
  3. Unbelievable favors and wonders that will alter the cause of your own history.
  4. Destruction of the power base of darkness. For every power attacking people have their base.

So everything depends on how you pray, and how seriously you pray it.
In Ezekiel 16:4. When the time comes to pray, I want you to pray like blind Bartimeous, whose prayers was considered offensive and too loud.

Let’s pick a typical example, let’s pick somebody called ‘Moab’. In Jeremiah 48:11, Genesis 19:30,35-37. No wonder Moab was not moving forward, because there was an ancestral product of incest in its background.

But thank God for Isaiah 10:27. There is something known as ‘yokes’, but there is something that can destroy it; ‘the anointing’.

That’s why we sing the song:
‘By the anointing, Jesus breaks the yokes’, and that’s why we sing ‘by the reason of the anointing, every yoke must be broken’. Those songs are from this scripture.

Definition of the yoke:

  • The yoke is a wooden harness, tying animals together; to pull a load.
  • The yoke is an instrument of toil.
  • The yoke is a symbol of service.
  • The yoke suggest blood and sweat.
  • Because the yoke is on the neck of oxen, it causes wound on the neck of the oxen.
  • Yokes are deadly destroyers.
  • Yokes are tormentors and terminators.
  • Yokes are robbers taking away pleasures, and increasing pressure.
  • Yokes are afflictions that are too difficult to personally break and too heavy to bear.
  • Yoke is anything that puts a limitation, or puts destruction upon one’s life.
  • A yoke is an embargo
  • Yoke is any hold of demonic force upon a life. So it binds, it breaks, it bites, it burns, it brings destruction and limitation.
  • Yokes are demonic additions to make man’s life miserable.
  • Yokes are those burdens that makes the bearer a misfit.
  • The yokes are demonic speed breakers, a terrible and terrible demonic weight; slowing people down.

Every yoke, as far as the Bible is concerned; can only be destroyed by the anointing. Not by drinking salty water, not by being whipped in a church, not by going to have your bath at the beach, not by throwing your clothes into the rivers, not by celebrating demonic parties.
All yokes can only be broken by the anointing. Yokes can be exchanged, and you think it is gone; but they just exchange it to another yoke.

That’s why I want you to raise up your voices like fire and like thunder as we fire this first prayer, shout it like the way blind Bartimeous shouted: please pray prayer point 1
But there is a yoke:

  • That can glue a man’s down to one spot for life.
  • There is a yoke that can blow away the favor of a man.
  • There is a yoke that can send a man permanently to the tail region
  • There is a yoke that is expert at paralyzing shining stars.
  • There is a yoke that says ‘others may climb, but not you’.
  • There is a yoke that can reduce a man to instant rags.
  • Unfortunate and tragically, there is a yoke that can dismiss a man from the gathering of greatness. If a man enters the gathering of greatness, that yoke will eventually pull him down.

What are these yokes? The ancestral powers!

What are the ancestral powers? I want to try and explain this to you very well, before we start praying.

  1. They are evil powers of your father’s house.
  2. There are family tree demons.
  3. They are powers of inherited idol. If they worship any form of idol in your family, you should pray like a mad prophet here today. If you come from those areas where there is shrine at the back of every house, or you can still recollect your parents sacrificing to satan, you really need to pray like a mad prophet here today.
  4. They are powers constituting the principality in your heavens.
  5. They are powers assigned to punish a family or to extend a curse on a family.
  6. They are powers assigned to afflict a family.
  7. They are powers assigned to monitor a lineage for evil.
  8. They are foundational powers that have been worshipped by the ancestors.
  9. They are the stubborn spirits that have been living at the root of the family for many years.
  10. They are ancient spirt, so modern day prayer will not work. You need traditional, ancient, pentecostal prayers.
  11. They are evil transmissible powers that people are born with.
  12. They are powers in our lineages that hates the true worship of Jehovah.
  13. They are tribal resident powers.
  14. They are stubborn spirits that are rooted in the family.
  15. They are powers claiming to be your dead family members.
  16. They are the ones sponsoring repeated evil history in the family.
  17. They are the strongmen assigned against your family.
  18. They are powers present in the family to steal, to kill and to destroy.
  19. They are the powers that appear as dead relatives and masquerades in your dreams.
  20. They are powers powers behind sicknesses that go in a family from generation to generation.
  21. They are basically behind the automatic failure mechanism. Immediately a person wants to get to something, they bring the person down.
  22. They are hereditary powers that hates your progress and success.
  23. They program backwardness.
  24. They supply information about the family to all kinds of coven.
  25. They transfer bad luck from person to person.
  26. They use the voices of idols to terrorize people.
  27. They work with other spirits to trouble the life of a man.
  28. These are powers on generational or genealogical assignment. Some people call them hereditary powers, yes you’re correct.
  29. They are demonic persecutors from the lineages.
  30. They are family oppressors
  31. Family dictators
  32. Family pharaoh
  33. Family Goliath
  34. The ancient authority in that lineage.
  35. The bloodline demons.
  36. Powers claiming that the whole family belongs to them.
  37. They are powers that are sometimes planted in a family because of the vows their ancestors have made.
    These are ancestral powers, they have powers. I don’t want to deceive you, anybody who is into deliverance will tell you they are very powerful.
  38. They qualify for what Jesus called ‘strongman’.
  39. They have magnetic power. They can appear, people can see them in their dreams.
  40. They are highly organized and they have up to date record of every family.
  41. They ensure a particular identify with evil.
  42. They ensure a particular sickness goes round a family.
  43. They may even try to convince people that their prayers are not effective.
  44. They hate the worship of true Jehovah.
  45. They hinder spiritual growth
  46. They have no mercy, no forgiveness.
  47. They continue in their operation unless you stop them.
  48. They are the ones producing the drop out.
  49. They cause lack of vision.
  50. They have no respect for anybody, whether you’re pastor or priest; they have respect.
    They didn’t have respect for Abraham, they had no respect for Moses, they had no respect for David and dealt with David.

Abraham, If you begin to study the life story of Abraham; you will find the ancestral power of lying, and, going through the whole family. You will also find this chain of first borns losing their inheritance.

Isaac got the inheritance, Ishmael did not. Jacob got the inheritance, Esau did not. There are 12 sons of Jacob, Joseph the very young one; got the inheritance. When Joseph brought his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh; the youngest one got the inheritance.

These forces fought Jacob, they defeated Jacob. They fought Moses and they defeated Moses. They fought Aaron, they defeated Aaron. They fought Gideon, they defeated Gideon. They fought Solomon, and they defeated Solomon. By the reason of the anointing, their yokes are broken.

There are some families:

  • Nobody lives long enough to become old.
  • Everybody is a polygamist.
  • Men are not always satisfied with one wife.
  • There is incest in the family.
  • Some people just walk away and disappear, they don’t know whether they are dead; they just disappear.
  • Husbands are always sleeping with housemaids.
  • They have this hereditary diseases.
  • Insanity runs through the family.
  • Women don’t enjoy their marriages.
  • There is a chain of marital delay.
  • Near success syndrome
  • Backwardness
  • Bad husbands.
  • Bad wives.
  • Husbands die prematurely.
  • Broken marriages.
  • Uncontrollable anger.
  • Poverty
  • Some, alcoholism
  • There is always regular accident.
  • Constant financial mess.
  • Husband who marry from there don’t work, it’s only the wives that works.
  • Somebody is always murdered in a tragic way.


If you don’t break it from your own end, the tragedy is that it would be transferred to the children. And this is why in a day like this, it is good to pray like a man or woman from another world.

This morning:

  • You need to surrender your life to Jesus, that is non negotiable.
  • You need to repent from every known sin.
  • You need to wage war against these ancestral powers.

The story of a 78 year old grandfather, shared by Daddy G.O:

A grandfather at the age of 78, came here to see me some years back. He came here to tell me a pathetic story. He said at the age of 77, he is bed wetting. His son is bed wetting, the grand children are bedwetting; and that he heard that the great grandfather too bed-wet.

So that spirit is an ancestral thing flowing through the family. As you’re listening to me now, start to think about your mother, think about your father. Are there things that went wrong with them, and you are already seeing the traces in your own life?

You have the opportunity to engage the anointing against those powers!
Rise to your feet now.

Prayer Rain:

During Ministration prayers, by Daddy G.O:

  1. Yoke breaker, Jesus Christ: I’m available, break my yoke now the name of Jesus! After Ministration prayers, by Daddy G.O:
  2. Powers that stopped my ancestors, you cannot stop me; die in the name of Jesus!
  3. Any power that must die, for my life to move forward; die in the name of Jesus!
  4. Powers dragging me backward, you’re a liar; die in the name of Jesus!
    The next three prayer require boiling anger, and I want to counsel the sisters to prayer it very seriously:
  5. Any curse of delay, operating in my root; break in the name of Jesus!
  6. My parent’s shoes and garment of suffering, shall not fit me in the name of Jesus!
  7. Every satanic tree in my family, catch fire in the name of Jesus!
  8. Blood of Jesus, heal my foundation in the name of Jesus!
  9. Spiritual umbilical cord, tying me to hardship through ancestral powers, die in the name of Jesus (slap your belly button while praying this prayer)
  10. My Father, you are my glory and the lifter of my head; lift up my head in the name of Jesus!
  11. Where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise; let my enemies destroy themselves, in the name of Jesus!
  12. Battles older than me and my parents, fighting my destiny; die in the name of Jesus!
  13. As the Lord opened the womb of Hannah, womb of my breakthroughs; open by fire in the name of Jesus!

Flatimes Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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