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🔑KEY VERSE “For the LORD thy God hath chosen him out of all thy tribes, to stand to minister in the name of the LORD, him and his sons for ever” (DEUTERONOMY 18:5).

Often, people get themselves into a frenzy when they argue about who is called and who is not. Some people arrogate to themselves the status of “being called” just for the sake of it without doing the duties that “the called” of God are expected to do. It is like confessing Christ but not willing to bear the cross. A lot of people today are only interested in the benefits that accrue from wearing the toga of “servant of God,” without really doing the work.

The tribe of Levi was appointed by God to work as the spiritual servants for the nations of Israel. For this reason, they were given no portion of land, though they were given 48 cities throughout Canaan. The Levites, as God’s ministers, were in full-time service
and so, it was the responsibility of the rest of Israel to provide for them through their offerings. This tribe was “called”; it was specially chosen for special duties. It would be unthinkable for anyone from any other tribe to have usurped the office.

The passage teaches us that people must stay in their appointed offices. People must not hijack offices that are meant for others. There was no account of envy on the part of others and no one considered the Levites as “parasites” who fed on the sacrifices of others. Other tribes in Israel had their special assignments and God-appointed roles.

Likewise in the body of Christ, roles have been assigned. Believers must stay true to their roles and concentrate so well in order to deliver on their duties.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Know your calling.



The blessings of consecration

  1. Why consecration
    Consecration simply means to be set apart for a special use by God. The Levites/Priests’ consecration implies the following.
    a. Chosen and called of God, v5.
    b. Crucified ambition and affections, v2. They are dead to the affection, applause, aspirations and ambitions of this world.
    c. Concentration to the service of God without distraction, vv6,7.
    d. Closer and intimate walk with God, v6. They are expected to be closer and more devoted to God than other worshippers.
    e. Consuming passion for the things of God above all else, vv6,7.
    All true Christians are expected to have all the above grace because they are the priests of the New Testament, I Peter 2:5,9. Revelation 2:5,6;5:10.
    However, in addition to the above, a true priest of the New Testament is expected to be a New Creation because none can serve Christ acceptably with the Old and unregenerated nature, John 3: 3,7.
    Q Assign new testament verses to the graces above. Hint: Romans 12: 1,2, Colossians 3:1, Titus 2:14.
    Q Are you a true priest of God? For a true Christian, the priesthood office and ministry is a must.
    Reward of consecration
    a. Provision of basic necessities of life by God Himself, vv3,4, I Timothy 6:8-10. Consecration to God and poverty are not synonymous. In fact, any priest who cannot take care of basic necessities of life is worse than an infidel according to the Bible.
    b. Freedom to make money though personal creativity without reducing faithfulness to the demands of consecration, v8. The Levites are free to sell inherited properties and make money if they wish.
    c. The Lord is their inheritance, v2. This means that they are heirs of God and all that God has including peace of God, grace of God, holiness of God and heaven. We are joint heirs with Christ, Romans 8:17.
    Prayer points
    I thank and praise you for choosing me to be among your priests despite my weaknesses🙏
    I hereby accept the consecration demands of priesthood. Give me abundant grace in my heart to be up to the task and not be a failed but faithful priest🙏 Note that there must be definite decisions for the prayer to be meaningful🙏
    I ask for the full reward of serving you to be made manifest in my life🙏
    Ask that God will prove Himself as the inheritance of those serving Him in the Church🙏

HYMN To the work, to the work

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