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🔑KEY VERSE “I will raise them a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him” (DEUTERONOMY 18:18).

Our text reveals the promise of God to give His people a Prophet that will instruct, direct and warn them. This became necessary so as to teach them how to inquire from God and learn His ways. Though God sent other prophets after Moses, none of them fits the description of the promised Prophet. After the ministry of Moses, the Scripture affirms that none of God’s prophets was like him. Thus, this promise can only be applied to Christ, the Messiah.

Moses was faithful to God but Christ “was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who has built the house has more honour than the house” (Hebrews 3:3). Christ and Moses both have mediatory, prophetic and priestly offices and other similarities are their peculiar excellence of ministry, backed with variety and magnitude of miracles. They were acknowledged as prophets mighty in words and deeds before God and all the people. They had closeness and familiar communion with God, including great followings as leaders of the people of God. Moses was a divine instrument used by God in giving the Law. Christ gave the new commandments in the gospels and Acts of Apostles on which the Christian Church is founded.

The implication of Christ as the promised Prophet is that He would be the Mouthpiece of God as contained in the original promise. Jesus Christ is, therefore, the eternal Word from God. To believe that He is a Prophet is right, but to fail to do what He says is bad. Acceptance of and obedience to this great Prophet is obligatory. Therefore, anyone who neglects the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ, the Prophet and Word of God, is doomed eternally.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Acceptance of, and obedience to Christ is obligatory.



Jesus: The ultimate divine answer to spiritism

  1. The identity of the Prophet
    a. He will be of Jewish origin, v15.
    b. He will have a prophetic ministry with capital P, vv15,18.
    c. Like unto me, Moses, He will be endowed with uncommon supernatural gifts of healing and miracles, v15.
    d. “Like unto me, Moses, He will be a custodian and an oracle of God’s word, vv15,16,18.
    e. “Like unto me” Moses, He would be a Mediator of a Divine covenant, this time, the New Covenant, vv15,16, 18.
    f. “Like unto me”, Moses, He will liberate God’s people from the Despot, called Pharaoh, and lead them to the Canaan land, vv15,17,18.
    f. Refusal or rejection of His words is tantamount to rejecting God and is punishable with death, v19.
    Note None fits into those description except our Lord Jesus Christ Himself who delivers us from the dominion of Satan, the prince of this world (spiritual Egypt) and is leading us to our spiritual Canaan, which is heaven, Hebrews 3:1-6.
  2. The invincibility of His power
    a. Men go into spiritism in search of security, superiority over others, sourcing for information not available to mortals, secret of mysteries etc; and they pay heavily for it, vv10,11, Hebrews 2:15. Some pay with the destiny of their children, some mortgage their souls in hell, some pay with untimely death etc.
    b. Jesus, the Prophet with capital P, is hereby presented as an answer to the fear, feeling, falsehood, fallacies, futuristic knowledge demand of man, vv15, 16, 17.
    c. “Him shall ye hearken”, in contrast to the demand, deception and damnation on spiritism, because He is the finality of God’s revelation and power, vv15,19.
    d. Believers can totally lean on the eternal Prophet of God for protection and security, pure secret of “mysteries” in all matters of life, power source to triumphant living over all obstacles and adversaries in life.
    Prayer Points
    Lord, I hereby remove all my confidence from other powers and personalities and accept you as my only Prophet and Lord. Let your power be working wonders in my life🙏
    Thou Prophet, Priest and King of my life, rule over my life in your power and let the power of the wicked perish in my life🙏
    Lord, I hereby ask for the power and the anointing that is greater than all my adversaries🙏
    Lord, release the gifts of the Holy Spirit that will shame all the activities of spiritism in the Church🙏

HYMN Christ Jesus has the power.

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