🔑KEY VERSE: “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?” (PROVERBS 20:6).

Adolf Hitler, with solemnity, paraphrased the Bible when encouraging his generals. He said, “A nation in which there is…one righteous man will not perish”. No doubt, he regarded himself as this one righteous man in spite of the death of thousands of people recorded daily during the Second World War, which was to a greater extent, by his own making.

The passage today provides us with warnings for our learning and instruction. It condemns wine and strong drinks, and corrects heaven-bound Christians on sundry issues of life that centre on godly living. The text equally cautions against the practice of proclaiming our own goodness, and highlights the delusion and destruction that come to those who are deceived thereby.

There is an incredible famine of perfectness in these last days, even in the assembly of Christians. Too many people are rejecting, rewriting and reconstructing the word of God to suit their unbelief.

Commonly accompanied with unbelief is self-righteousness. For some odd reasons, the majority of people today believe they are good people, not according to God’s righteousness, but to the good of “self”. A self-righteous individual is a hypocrite.

Doing good does not make a man good. No one in the world can claim that he is good because every man has sinned. Some may seem good in their own eyes, but before God they are filthy rags. Our goodness and righteousness are only weighed through the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. A sinner can only be good when he repents and believes on the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: We have a perfect image only in Christ.