Tantric massage is a blissfully stimulating experience that every man and woman should enjoy. Not only does it feel good, there are many benefits associated with the ancient practice of tantra that are more keenly felt with regular use.

Here are the top five reasons why you should indulge in a regular tantric massage.

Improve Your Physical Health

Tantric massage begins with an all-over body massage.

It’s well known that massage brings huge benefits to the body such as:

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic systems to drain away toxins
  • Easing aches and pains in muscles and connective tissues
  • Relaxing a tense body
  • Reducing pain.

Tantric pleasure that results in release reduces blood pressure for men and women and in men regular ejaculation clears the prostate gland from a buildup of fluids that can lead to problems. This can be achieved through prostate massage too.

Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is important and tantric pleasures de-stress even the most anxious person. This is because the pleasure hormone dopamine and the happiness hormone oxytocin are released via physical touch from another person. Touch is also a great anxiety reliever – from hugs to massage we all feel better after loving contact.

On a regular basis tantric massage de-stresses the mind to encourage sleep, fight insomnia, depression and the anxieties of busy life. When you are less stressed you perform better at work and at home. Your emotional well-being is extremely important to your health and men in particular often neglect it. Regular de-stressing tantric massage leads to relaxation and greater happiness.

It’s Enjoyable

Everyone needs something to enjoy, whether it’s a hobby, holiday or a soothing tantric massage. Booking a regular tantric massage means there’s something to look forward to. Thinking about the pleasure you’ll receive boosts your mood. Then there’s the exciting anticipation of travelling or waiting for the doorbell, followed by your blissful tantric massage.

When it’s over you’ll feel re-charged, happy and relaxed with the knowledge you’ll be doing it again soon. Regular massage also gives you the chance to know your masseuse which can make a massage more pleasurable. Trusting someone to place their hands all over your body takes time, and with regular meetings you’ll instantly relax and enjoy their company.

A Better Sex Life

Tantric massage can help you understand your body through touch. Some men find parts of them awaken that they never knew existed, and giving up control of your body is exhilarating.  As you learn about your body’s reaction you’ll learn about your sexuality.

Learning how to touch and be touched can improve your sex life at home. Massage, positioning and understanding how the process of undressing and touching is just as pleasurable as the ending, can help you out of a domestic rut.

Improve Your Confidence

Men and women who have difficulties with touch and sexual expression can find regular tantric massage helps them enormously. Premature ejaculation can be brought under control though breathing and regular sensual massage. Once you have the confidence to undress and place your body in another person’s hands, your confidence in the bedroom will improve.

Confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in all aspects of your life. Self-esteem is essential, without it we think less of ourselves and don’t achieve what we are capable of. Tantric massage can seriously boost your self-esteem.

The physical and mental health benefits of tantric massage are surely reason enough to enjoy them regularly. Think of it as a reward for working hard and a way to stay fit, healthy and de-stressed in a busy world.

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