• February 8, 2020
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TEXT: JOHN 8:31,32.

KEY VERSE “Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed” (JOHN 8:31).

A political aspirant had gone to his community to canvass for votes so that he would return to the country’s legislative house for a second term. Hardly had he started his speech when the community reacted. He had promised them a dam to irrigate their farms four years before. But the project was abandoned as soon as it was started because he did not pursue it to completion. That was how his political career ended. His error was attributed to his inability to continue with the people-oriented project.

Jesus made it clear to His disciples and listeners that while it was good to hear, it was much better to obey and continue in it by allowing our conduct and conversation to be guided and governed by it.

This is the only way one can claim to be a disciple of His. And it is only when we continue in the word of God that we will know the truth that sets free from sin.

Many contemporary believers who profess to be sanctified and Spirit-filled do not live their lives to mirror the word of God. God cannot permit us to tell a lie because we are in danger. Holiness and righteousness must be our watchword every second. Backsliding is also not permitted. A man or woman who dies in sin will spend eternity in hell. Thus, we must continue in the word of God.

We must start our lives each day with the Scripture and end the day with it. Employees who disobey their employers cannot remain in their jobs for long. No one can claim to be a disciple of Jesus without carrying His cross and following Him. And to prove that we are true believers of Christ, we must have strong desire for the Word, study and abide by it. “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.”

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY A disciple must continue in the word of his Master.



More than believing

  1. Believing in Christ as Lord and Saviour is just an initial step in becoming His followers v30.
  2. The proof of unfeigned faith is in the doing and obeying His word v31.
  3. This is the dividing line between professing disciples and disciples in deed v31.
    Lord, don’t let me be satisfied with mere profession of faith. Give me all it takes to be disciples indeed
    Lord, the world is full of mere professors, give me grace to distinguish myself clearly as a true disciple
    Pray for mere professors in the Church that they will be arrested and turned to disciples indeed
  4. There are many milestones of revelation knowledge of Christ to a disciple indeed v32.
  5. These milestones will always bring different dimensions, depth and stages of deliverances v32.
  6. While deliverance from sin, sickness and Satan may be an instant experience, there are other types of continuous deliverances made possible by continuously following and knowing Christ the truth in a deeper sense v32.
    Lord of glory, take me to higher ground of deliverances than I have ever known
    Lord deliver your children from all bondages of traditions, culture, backgrounds, ignorance, deceptions, mindsets, idols and strongholds that are obstacles to matching forward to higher ground in the race
    7 Can you mention examples of such deliverances?
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