TEXT: JOSHUA 19:10-16

🔑📖KEY VERSE: “This is the inheritance of the children of Zebulun according to their families, these cities with their villages” (JOSHUA 19:16)

In the United States, a Michigan factory worker, earning less than ten thousand dollars a year was an unknown heir to a billionaire. When located by the investigator some years after his benefactor’s death, the worker explained that he had neither returned home nor kept in touch with his family for 24 years. The investigator who located him found out that there was about 40 billion dollars lying unclaimed as his inheritance

Our passage today highlights the inheritance of the children of Zebulun. The verses particularly spell out the borders of their territories and clearly demarcating it from others. The border of their territories from Sarid went up toward the sea. It passed through several cities and villages before reaching down to Bethlehem.

In all, twelve cities with their villages were allotted to the tribe of Zebulun, Jacob’s tenth child and Leah’s last born. That their father was the last born did not deprive them of their inheritance in the Promised Land. Their territories were clearly mapped out with the borders expressly stated.

In the same way, as believers, our inheritance is the sum total of all that the Lord has promised us. Besides, He has gone to prepare a place for us. He said, “I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also”

We have been redeemed from the works of darkness and the old life of sin, and are set apart unto God and must, therefore, possess our possession in Him. To claim our inheritance, we must live a holy and righteous life.

Scriptural boundaries must not be trespassed in the course of our daily living. Our actions and reactions, from time to time, must be based on scriptural premises. We must remain grateful to God for giving us an inheritance and make sure we get the best of its available blessings

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Know your heritage and make the best of it.