TEXT: ISAIAH 8:9-22.
🔑KEY VERSE “Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself, and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread” (ISAIAH 8:13).

A citizen’s fearful and negative outlook in times of a national crisis affecting everyone does not change the unpleasant circumstances. No matter how much he frets, he will not be able to improve the situation. Nothing would change by his needless distractions, worry and anxiety. His moody condition would lead him to more straits because of needless panic and misdirected fear. He would need a greater power outside him and outside those circumstances to assure him and ease his agitated spirit.

When the Lord revealed to Isaiah that there was going to be a tumultuous and critical period in the Palestine region occasioned by an invasion of the Assyrian and military forces, he went ahead to exhort the prophet not to panic like the majority of the children of Israel. They would cry ‘treason’ or ‘conspiracy.’ But, according to God, the march of the Assyrians through Judah, Israel and Syria was a divine judgement on those nations.

Instead of engaging in a fruitless, helter-skelter dash for help, the prophet was to sanctify the Lord of hosts and let Him be their fear and dread. They were not to fear the enemy or be afraid of them. Having received this comforting charge, Isaiah proclaimed that he and the children the Lord had given him would not only rest on the signs and wonders of God, but also reflect these great attributes of their Maker.

Those who have faith in God must not panic in troublous times. Indeed, the real test of our trust in God’s promises comes into play during stormy days in our lives or ministry. We are admonished not to succumb to the fear of men which will lead to the compromise of our salvation. But we are to muster courage as did the early apostles.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Faith deals the death blow to fear.



Do you accept that you are special to God?

  1. The promise for believing remnant vv9,10.
    a. No matter the conspiracies of the enemies against your life as a believer, they will all come to nought vv9,10.
    b. No matter the evil words spoken against your destiny in the dark by wicked people, it shall not stand v10.
    c. God will be a sanctuary or an impenetrable protection for you v14b.
    d. Meditate on these verses and laugh at your storms.
    Praise God because He has made a difference between the godly and the godless. There is profit in being separated from the world
    Confess those promises and claim them as yours
  2. The prerequisites for claiming the promise vv11,12.
    a. Live a holy and distinct life from that of the world in every ramifications v11.
    b. Don’t fear the way they fear since their god is dead but your God is alive v13.
    c. Give honour to the Lord as the only person to fear v13.
    d. Don’t yield to the snare of false prophets giving false hope v19.
    Ask God for the power and grace to live a separate and distinct life from the world around you
  3. The punishment for the worldly people vv14,15.
    Read those punishments and be determined that they will not be your portion!
    Pray that each member will have the grace to be distinct from the world and that God in His faithfulness will keep the believers from the evil punishments in the world

HYMN If God be for us

  1. Rejoice in the Lord! Oh, let His mercy cheer;
    He sunders the bands that enthrall;
    Redeemed by His blood, why should we ever fear,
    Since Jesus is our all in all?
    If God be for us, if God be for us,
    if God be for us,
    Who can be against us?
    Who? who? who?
    Who can be against us, against us?
    Be strong in the Lord! rejoicing in His might,
    Be loyal and true day by day;
    When evils assail, be valiant for the right,
    And He will be our strength and stay.
    Confide in His Word, His promises so sure;
    In Christ they are yea and amen;
    Though earth pass away, they ever shall endure,
    ’Tis written o’er and o’er again.
    Abide in the Lord, secure in His control,
    ’Tis life everlasting begun;
    To pluck from His hand the weakest, trembling soul,
    It never, never can be done!