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KEY VERSE “When Sanballat the Horonite, and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, heard of it, it grieved them exceedingly that there was come a man to seek the welfare of the children of Israel” (NEHEMIAH 2:10).

Selwyn Hughes rightly observed, “one thing becomes apparent from the study of Christian history that whenever anyone says, ‘let us arise and build’ Satan and his forces will respond, ‘let us arise and stop him.'” He further posted that no battle can commence anywhere in the spiritual sense until someone decides to stand up and challenge existing evil norms.

Today’s passage reveals that when Nehemiah arrived Judah to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem, opposition greeted him. Sanballat, governor of Samaria, and Tobiah, his associate were men of influence and power, who opposed and tried to outwit Nehemiah in everything that he did. They knew perfectly what the restoration of the holy city meant. Eventually, the wall was built despite their treachery.

Believers are engaged in the battles of life – what to eat, who to marry, child bearing, choosing a career, getting promotion, etc. Every Christian who wants to be involved in evangelism is faced with forces of darkness that contend against expansion of the Kingdom.

However, the believer needs to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

We should also realise that the battle is mainly against our archenemy – the devil. Hence, we should be determined never to give up, since victory has been won for us on the cross by Jesus Christ. “…Because greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world,” we can never lose in the battles of life.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: For the genuine believer, victory is assured even before the battle begins.



Adversaries you must not ignore

  1. Those who don’t want to see you/family/church survive and are not even hiding their hatred.
    Example: Haman against the Jews, Esther 7:4-6.
    Q How did the Jews overcome? Corporate fasting and prayers with fearless (suicidal) step of destiny, Esther 4:11-15.
  2. Those who are not against your survival inasmuch as you are content with the limitations put on you and your destiny. Example: Sanballat and Tobiah against the remnant Jews, Nehemiah 2:9-11. Read also Exodus 8:28.
    This set of adversaries are very subtle and dangerous except for a discerning person. You need to be firm in warfare to get rid of them.
  3. The friendly adversaries.
    Example: Judas against Jesus.
    Most dangerous of all the enemies because you never imagine they are fighting you. Household enemies are also included, Matthew 10:36.
    You need revelation and wisdom to handle them.
    Assurance of victory if the battle is fought with purity, passion, revelation and persistence Romans 8:37.
    Lord open my eyes to discern any limitation put on my way to glorious destin
    Lord, unveil all forms of adversaries against my family and give me revelation and wisdom to tackle them
    Holy Spirit, equip and give me all the needed anointing, faith and courage to triumph over all my adversaries
    Pray violently against all the strategies of the invisible enemies of the Church with authority in the name of Jesus

HYMN Oft in danger, off in woe

  1. Oft in danger, oft in woe,
    onward, Christians, onward go;
    bear the toil, maintain the strife,
    strengthened with the bread of life.
    2 Onward, Christians, onward go,
    join the war, and face the foe;
    will ye flee in danger’s hour?
    Know ye not your Captain’s power?
    3 Let not sorrow dim your eye;
    soon shall every tear be dry:
    let not fears your course impede;
    great your strength, if great your need.
    4 Let your drooping hearts be glad;
    march in heavenly armour clad;
    fight, nor think the battle long:
    soon shall victory wake your song.
  2. Onward then in battle move;
    more than conquerors ye shall prove:
    though opposed by many a foe,
    Christian soldiers, onward go.
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