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🔑KEY VERSE “Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I should not stay” (JEREMIAH 20:9).

One of the most gifted speakers in church history was John Chrysostom. The name comes from a Greek word meaning ‘golden tongue.’ John was sent from Antioch to what was then Constantinople, where he preached fearlessly in the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. His denunciation of the lavish extravagance of the rich and ruling class and his condemnation of excess, infuriated many, including Empress Eudoxia who arranged for him to be exiled. But John held firm to his faith, and never compromised though under the most extreme conditions.

Prophet Jeremiah had endured so much persecution and opposition from his own countrymen, especially from the rulers and his fellow priests who denounced him as a paid agent of the Chaldeans because he prophesied about Israel’s coming captivity to Babylon. He was ridiculed, put in prison several times and almost killed. It appeared the pains and injuries had taken its toll on Jeremiah who felt very discouraged but later regained his composure.

Preaching is not a profession but a passion.

It is an assignment given by God that requires grace to fulfill. It is like swimming against the tide, especially when, like Jeremiah, you are charged with the responsibility of warning nations about the coming judgement of God. Words are insufficient to describe the deep inner agony and burdens preachers endure.

Despite all the pains, the preacher is not expected to betray the trust but to stand firm as God’s messenger of hope and life to those who mourn. While in pains themselves, servants of God minister comfort to others. While bearing so much injury personally, the pastors, in addition, bear the burden of others. Please pray for your pastors! Through your prayer, he will obtain more grace to offer sacrificial service to the Lord.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Praying for your pastor amounts to edifying the body of Christ.



Say NO to discouragement while doing the will of God

  1. If you are doing the will of God passionately and the world (sinners, backslidden saints, lukewarm saints) does not mock or deride you, either privately or publicly, you may not be doing the will of God after all vv7,10, John 15:18,19.
  2. Being reproached for doing the will of God is a cause for rejoicing in the Lord and not discouragement because great eternal reward awaits you v8,13, Matthew 5:11,12.
  3. God will not be giving the world a message of prosperity when He sees hell fire and destruction ahead of them vv8,9. Beware of damnable distractions.
  4. A minister who concentrates on prosperity and success when his audience is at enmity with God has lost his calling vv8,9.
  5. The best way to enjoy the presence of God is to focus on doing His will and damn the consequences v11.
  6. The righteous should not forget that God does not only judge or reward actions and words, but also intentions and motive v12.
  7. The natural tendency of a victim of discouragement is to transfer the blame to someone who is innocent and should be appreciated vv15,17. Don’t fall victim of discouragement I Samuel 30:6.
    Lord, I reject every spirit of discouragement and yield to the spirit of faith and rejoicing
    Lord, I hereby resolve to be devoted to doing your will whether the world appreciate it or not
    Lord, I pray that you raise up all your children who are cast down by discouragement
    Lord, help your true ministers not to be distracted into pleasing men and loose their calling

HYMN It is morning in my heart

  1. All the darkness of the night has passed away,
    It is morning in my heart;
    I am living in the sunlight of the day,
    It is morning in my heart.
    It is morning, it is morning in my heart;
    Jesus made the gloomy shadows all depart.
    Songs of gladness now I sing,
    For since Jesus is my King
    It is morning, it is morning in my heart.
  2. I can hear the songbirds singing their refrain,
    It is morning in my heart;
    And I know that life for me begins again,
    It is morning in my heart.
    3) Christ has made the world a paradise to me,
    It is morning in my heart;
    Every duty in the light of love I see,
    It is morning in my heart.
  3. Joy has come to dwell with me forever,
    It is morning in my heart;
    I shall sing it when I reach the other shore,
    It is morning in my heart.
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