• January 29, 2020
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KEY VERSE “Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts” (ISAIAH 6:5).

On July 20, 1969, the first manned spacecraft landed on the moon. It was a thrilling experience both for the three-man crew and the world at large. Overwhelmed by the amazement of it all, Buzz Aldrin, one of the crew members and an elder in a Houston Presbyterian Church, right there read from Psalm 8:1,3 in acknowledgement of God’s majestic splendour for the work of His hands in the heavens.

When prophet Isaiah saw the raw glory of God, he was struck with awe and a sense of self-abasement. Note that before then, he was already a fiery prophet in Israel. Moses craved such experience and God granted his request. That encounter so transformed him that his face became too radiant for fellow mortals to understand. Peter, James and John witnessed the transfiguration of Christ on a high mountain and were dazzled by divine glory that Peter expressed their desire to have the experience continue. The event impacted their conviction eternally. In all these cases, the people felt God’s worthiness and their own unworthiness.

No one can rightly perceive the majesty of God and still feel worthy. In most cases, our boasting and bragging are an indication of how distant we are from God and estimation of His glory.

Isaiah did not realise that he was “undone” and “a man of unclean lips” until he saw this vision. He needed further cleansing with live coals taken from the altar which was kindled by God Himself. No man-made arrangement or device can deal with the dross in our being than the heaven-sent refiner’s fire. How we need this vital purifying experience!

Pray for the life-transforming encounter with God that will make you have a more realistic assessment of your standing with Him and get you adequately purged to be a vessel of honour to Him.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY The closer we get to God, the less we price our own goodness.



An uncommon life transforming revelation (dream, vision, deep spiritual insight)

This revelation is different from modern day dreams that bring fear, filthiness, falsehood, false hope, etc. It is a revelation that transformed the prophet inside out. It was an unforgettable encounter. This is the kind of revelation we need most.

  1. The object of the revelation – God Himself v1.
    It is not about fortune, fiend, failure or foe.
    Holy Spirit, I want you to start revealing God to us in a deeper measure through your word
  2. His personality v1
    He has a body to sit on a throne and can put on a royal apparel that covers the whole temple.
  3. His entourage – the seraphims v2.
    These are special angels, innumerable in number vv2,3. They are called hosts of the Lord.
  4. Their eternal preoccupation v3.
    To extol the greatness of God? To exalt His power? To sing of His goodness, love and mercy? NO. But to praise the holiness of the triune God alone.
    Lord, don’t allow me to remain blind. Open my eyes to behold the glory of your holiness
  5. The effect of the revelation v5.
    Your life and that of your hearers will eventually reflect what you often listen to or preach. Isaiah, though a preacher and prophet of God, “saw” the Holiness of God, his defiled nature, uncircumcised tongue and defiled environment v5.
    Lord, open my eyes to see me the way you see me and transform me
  6. The result of his humility vv6,7.
    His expression of deep humility and hatred for his unsanctified nature brought immediate help from heaven without prayer of asking.
  7. The eternal principle – purity of heart and conduct before divine calling to a special assignment of eternal value v8.
    Lord, give me the revelation that I need that will transform my life and make me ready to fulfil your purpose for my life
    Reflections Do you receive divine revelations either through the word of God, dreams or visions? Are they life changing revelations or your on material or mundane things.
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