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KEY VERSE “I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called” (EPHESIANS 4:1).

Well did Dr. Worthington observe when he wrote: “The Gospel does not only represent the doctrine of Christ to be believed; but also the life of Christ to be followed: nor shall any have him for their advocate and propitiation, but such as are willing to have him for their pattern and example; to copy out and imitate his humility, patience, purity, benignity and self-resignation. None shall be benefited by his death that are unwilling to live his life.”

Living the life of Christ is what Apostle Paul meant when he exhorted the Ephesian Christians to “walk worthy of the vocation wherewith [they were] called.” He did not leave his prescription hanging on vagueness but proceeded to apply it to the specific Christian duties. They were expected to demonstrate the grace of God in them through meekness, forbearance and kindness even among themselves. In particular, they were to endeavour to “keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace,” seeing they had one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism and God.

Believers are reminded of the triumph of Christ over Satan, sin, sickness and death, which hitherto enslaved mankind. This was accomplished through His resurrection, ascension and glorification. As a token of that victory, Christ has given different gifts and grace to men. These gifts rather than being a source of rivalry among His people, are supposed to be a uniting force as they are meant to complement one another.

As Christians, we must not forget

we are called to the highest and most glorious vocation.

We can only express our appreciation of that privilege by walking worthy of it through practical demonstration of piety. A sound disposition anchored on true love and unity of spirit among us is a reflection of this worthy walk.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: True Christians measure their progress by their proximity to Christ.



Can you please answer these questions?

  1. How to walk worthy
    a. What are the 5 essential graces that must be visible in a true Christian? vv1-3.
    b. Sincerely classify each of them in your life as abundant or deficient.
    c. Prayer earnestly for abundant grace to manifest those ones for which you are deficient
  2. 7 sacred indivisible entities
    a. What are the 7 sacred indivisible entities in vv4-6.
    b. Can you identify the only three living beings among the seven? What is the single word used for the three?
    Give praises and worship to the Triune indivisible God
  3. Any christian without a gift from God?
    a. Is it possible for a Christian to be without at least a gift from God? v7.
    b. Have you identified your own gift and the purpose?
    c. Are you using the gift for the purpose it is meant for?
    d. In Matthew 25:14 – 30 shows how a servant of God can be sent to eternal hell simply by not using the gift God gave him.
    Ask God to help you identify, develop and faithfully use your gift for His glory
    Ask for the gifts of God to be abundant in the life of every member, worker and pastor in the Church for the edification of all

HYMN Close to thee

  1. Thou my everlasting portion,
    More than friend or life to me.
    All along my pilgrim journey,
    Savior, let me walk with thee.
    Close to thee, Close to thee,
    Close to thee, Close to thee;
    All along my pilgrim journey,
    Savior, let me walk with thee.
    2 Not for ease or worldly pleasure,
    Nor for fame my prayer shall be:
    Gladly will I toil and suffer,
    Only let me walk with thee. [Refrain]
    3 Lead me through the vale of shadows,
    Bear me o’er life’s fitful sea;
    Then the gate of life eternal
    May I enter, Lord, with thee. [Refrain]
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