The Tragedies Of Wasted Or Missed Opportunities By Pastor D.K Olukoya » Flatimes

  • August 17, 2020
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The Tragedies Of Wasted Or Missed Opportunities By Pastor D.K Olukoya » Flatimes


Pastor Olukoya

The Tragedies Of Wasted Or Missed Opportunities By Pastor D.K Olukoya

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MINISTERING: DR D. K. Olukoya (G.O, MFM Worldwide)

Anchored Scriptures: Mark 6:1-6, Proverbs 12:27, 1 Samuel 13:11-13, Exodus 34:18, Proverbs 13:17, Exodus 34:18, Proverbs 17:13, Jeremiah 18:20-23, Hebrews 3:5, Genesis 19:16-17, Psalm 32:6, Isaiah 55:6, Acts 1:17


We are looking at ‘The Tragedies of Wasted or Missed Opportunities’. May the Lord bless your heart and inspire your heart and motivate your heart as you listen to this message. I want you to listen very attentively.

In the book of Mark 6:1-6

There are 7 prayer points I want to give to you from my prayer archive on this message:

  1. Father, let me not waste my divine opportunities in the name of Jesus!
  2. Father, let me not squander my open heavens in the name of Jesus!
  3. Father, let me not run into deficit in the bank of heaven in the name of Jesus!
  4. Father, let not my past be better than my future in the name of Jesus!
  5. Father, let me not become history while I am still living in the name of Jesus!
  6. Father, let me not become a negative example in the name of Jesus!
  7. Father, let me not go into slumber in a sinking boat in the name of Jesus!

Make sure you pray these prayers, even more; after this message.

This passage tells us about an opportunity that was missed and was wasted by a whole city.

There is a terrible agony that rings in the soul and in the soul of every serious minded man of God, that is the agony of people not fulfilling their mandate.

  • The agony of people who are wasting the open heavens God has given to them.
  • The agony of people who have been given what to do by the Lord but they have dead ears, they have plenty of unfinished assignment.
  • The agony of wasted open doors.
  • The agony of missed opportunities.
  • The agonies of wasted opportunities.
  • The agonies of aborted opportunities.
  • The agony of abused opportunities.
    God has given us the opportunity beloved, to do something in our generation but it can be wasted, it can be diverted, it can be squandered, it can end without the expected result from heaven and this is a cry from the heart today and I want you to really pray hard when the time comes.

What is opportunity?

  1. Opportunity is an opening.
  2. Opportunity is favorable circumstances.
  3. Opportunity means advantageous situations, a chance, a room and opportunity is a discovered avenue for profiting.
  4. Opportunity is taking advantage of God gifts upon your life.
  5. Opportunity is having a big break, a possibility, a prophetic message delivered to you. Proverbs 12:27
  6. Opportunity is locating what will work and making it to work.
  7. Opportunity is knowing what to produce and knowing what not to produce.
  8. Opportunity is taking advantage of God’s gifts upon your life.
  9. Opportunity is favorable allowance that God has given to you.

Beloved, listen to this very hard fact about opportunities, listen very hard beloved: God’s best gift to us is not in things but opportunities.

Blind bartimeous used opportunities, the woman with the issue of blood use opportunities; they got healed and they did not miss out their opportunity. When you dismiss an opportunity, you miss success. Highly successful people are actually children of opportunities and you can never find a lost opportunity.

Beloved, recognizing the right time and the right place unites, there is a unity among them.
Procrastination is a cemetery of opportunities.

There are things that cannot come back:

  • The spoken word
  • The time past
  • Neglected Opportunities

The woman with the issue of blood took her opportunity and God used it to bless her and deliver her.

God does not use a person who has had chances and will not take it. Opportunity is often lost by deliberation and procrastination and when you keep dismissing an opportunity; you miss so many good things.

I pray that you will not miss your opportunities in the name of Jesus!

Every power assigned to waste your opportunities shall be completely disgraced in the name of Jesus!

Sometimes, what we call adversity (you say ‘this is a problem’), God calls it opportunities.
Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievement.

I am praying once again that you will not miss your divine opportunities in the name of Jesus!

Every power assigned to waste your opportunity shall be disgraced in the name of Jesus!
Somebody has said, ‘opportunities knocks only once’. Obstacles are actually opportunity in disguise.

It is on record that great opportunities comes to those who make the most of small small ones that they get. They make the most of the small beginnings, small ones they get.

When opportunity knock, you have to get up and answer the door. If you don’t answer the door, opportunity will walk away.

It is practically impossible to find a lost opportunity. Somebody has also said that ‘luck is when preparation meets opportunities’.

Opportunities are like packing spaces, they favor those who get there first!

Small opportunities marks the beginning of great enterprises.

Beloved, listen: there is far more opportunities that there is ability. Like I said before, when you recognize the right time at the right place; there unity of doing things.

Opportunities does not send letters of introduction, and if you keep procrastinating; you bury your opportunity in the cemetery of life.

Beloved, you are what you are today because of the people you have opportunity to meet or people you miss.

Wasted and missed opportunities are very problematic, I can tell you that one.

A wasted opportunity can set your life in a terrible spin, a wasted opportunity can set your life backward. A wasted opportunity can hinder you, detain you and hamper you. A wasted opportunity can stop the release of your potentials.

A wasted opportunity can be very very tragic.

Beloved, there is something; no matter who you are; no matter what level you are that you always need, ‘it is called help’. Everybody needs help. We all need help.

When we talk about help, there are 7 sources of help:

  1. The first source of help is personal help. God cannot help you without you taking action to help yourself. Somebody has said, heaven help those who help themselves. You are the first person that is needed in the school of help. Your activities, your behavior may not be helping you.

You are not helping yourself:

  • When you refuse to pay your tithes
  • When you are keeping malice.
  • When you are eating what you should not eat.
  • When you refuse to forgive
  • When you keep quarreling with people, fighting with people. This is a serious matter.

When David’s family was captured, David was greatly distressed but he helped himself by encouraging himself in the Lord. So you are the first source of help, yourself.
May you not be an enemy of yourself in the name of Jesus!

  1. The second source of help are inanimate objects. Inanimate objects can help you to do what you are doing. Your car is a help, your house is a help, speakers and microphones are help.
  2. The third kind of help is from animate things. Somebody like peter was helped by a cock crow, when the cock crowed; peter remembered that he had denied his master Jesus.
  3. The fourth source of help is the help that comes from other human beings to help you.
  4. The fifth source of help is help from the devil, people go to the devil to seek for help.
  5. The fourth source of help is help from your enemies. People go to their enemies to seek for help.
  6. While the final source of help is help from God.

You are what are today, because of the people you meet or you miss.

The scriptures are full of men who instead of keying into the ministry of divine help and using their opportunities, they wasted the opportunities.

May you not waste your opportunities in the name of Jesus!

  • Adam and eve squandered the opportunity of the garden of Eden.
  • Cain was advised by God, he squandered the opportunity.
  • Lot moved with a man who was very spiritual, who built alters wherever he went; he never built alters, he missed the opportunities.
  • Men of Sodom and Gomorrah saw angels, instead of crying for the angels to help them; they missed the opportunity.
  • Esau sold his birthright, he missed the opportunity.
  • The sons of Aaron, Nadad and Abiram; they missed their opportunities.
  • Saul the king missed his opportunities. 1 Samuel 13:11-13
  • Jerusalem too missed opportunities. Look at Luke 19:29-44.

I pray that you and I will not be stones in the name of Jesus. All these things that I have red to you are examples to us to make us groan in pain and call upon God.

  • Satan entered Judas in the presence of Jesus.
  • Gehazi lost opportunity for four fold anointing.
  • Demas lost the opportunity of being a great apostle.

Many people in life lose a lot of good opportunity that come their way.

Many miss the opportunity to be great. Many abort their opportunity. Many waste their opportunity.

Many misuse their opportunities. Many abuse their opportunities. Many pervert their opportunities.

Many destroy their opportunities.

Bad handling of opportunities have given birth to what is known as circle of failure, this is very very sad.

Scriptures are full of men and women who wasted opportunities. I already told you some of them

  • Lot never took advantage of his relationship with Abraham.
  • Gehazi did not take advantage of his relationship with Elisha, his boss.
  • Demas didn’t take advantages of being close to Paul.
  • The prodigal son is good example of wasted opportunities. He wasted the opportunities of his father’s advice and he got into trouble.

I am praying that you will not miss your opportunity in the name of Jesus! Every power assigned to waste your opportunity shall be disgraced in the name of Jesus!

Some get the best advice, but they are unable to make good use of it. Judas had the best counselling, the best sermons but he did not make good use of it. Judas heard the best teachings but he wasted it and went to hell fire. Many wasted their opportunities to be great. It is impossible for you to recover these opportunities.

Beloved, it could be in a good church. You could have a good pastor who can pray, who teaches the word, who demonstrate the power of God but you can take all these for granted.

Some people can waste their position because 95% of success is correct positioning.

You need to see where God has positioned you and make the most of it now. You must stay in your God’s-given position, use the opportunity; don’t waste it, it is very sad.
There is a pandemic now, an opportunity to get close to God. An opportunity to be prayerful, an opportunity to fast, to read and to do many things.

Over the years unfortunately, I have watched many people move out of their positions; particularly pastors.

What is wrong in being an assistant pastor? What is wrong in being a zonal pastor or branch pastor?

The important thing is to be positioned by God. When God put you in a place, sit well in a chair because there are many people standing by to replace you if you leave that chair.
And I use to tell people that is better to be the leg of a lion than to be the head of a cockroach. The leg of lion is bigger and mightier than the head of an ant any day even though it is just a leg. It is still mightier, bigger, more powerful than the head of an ant.
Many have wasted their sonship and inheritance and as far as opportunities are concerned, several things have happened to so many people.

Listen beloved:

  1. A person can be blind to opportunities,
  2. A person can have the opportunities stolen,
  3. It can be wasted,
  4. It can be buried,
  5. It can be neglected.
  6. You can have famine of opportunities,
  7. You can have slippery opportunities.
  8. Opportunities may be attacked.
  9. Opportunities may be defeated
  10. You could miss opportunity.
  11. You could have the syndrome of masquerading or disguising opportunities.
  12. You could have anti opportunity spirit within you and once you have these anti opportunities spirits;

What will begin to manifest is (Enemy of opportunities):

  • Procrastination,
  • Spiritual lukewarmness,
  • Destiny wastage, you cheapen yourself as a sister (exchanging your purity for meat pies, coca cola, eatries, you make yourself cheap and then you get yourself out of line for the right person to come and be your spouse at the right moment).
  • Greed. When you are looking for what does not belong to you, it will make you lose your opportunity.

Gehazi lost a great opportunity as the most powerful man in the old testament. He lost it to greed. Some look with greed at what their superiors have, instead of asking God to move them forward and climbing on wings as eagles. You have to be content with what you have, you cannot get to the top in one day. The only job that starts from the top is in the cemetery, beware of covetousness.

  • Wrong independence is also an enemy of opportunity. Being connected to someone can be your only opportunity to make it in life and ministry. When you now decide to be independent, you lose that opportunity. Your opportunity to be great may actually be embedded in part of someone else’s vision. Evil independence acquired the wrong time, the wrong way out of bitterness, out of hurt, out of hatred, out of rebellion to authority, out of wrong motives, out of wrong associations, out of the spirit of ‘I am better than my boss’, out of the spirit of ‘I want to have more than my boss has’; all these are enemies of divine opportunities.

When somebody hates control and you just want to be independence outside God, it will lead to destruction. It has led to destruction of so many people. It has turn many away, who could have been a blessing to their generations because they went away from away from under an umbrella that is suppose to bless them. They think they are suppose to be lone rangers whereas they are suppose to walk under an umbrella. It is good to be a good lieutenant than to be a foolish general. Foolishness makes you dead to advise and counselling. Foolishness is also an enemy of opportunities. When you shut out advise and counsel from your life, you shut out godly counsel and godly moving forward.

  • Selfishness and self centeredness can also be a problem. Exodus 34:18. It is madness to throw stones into the well that has fed you. When you do not care what happens to the next person, it is selfishness. Some don’t care what happens to their church by their behaviour, they cannot be bothered. some engage in shadow chasing, they chase away shadows, chasing elusive things (things they can never get their hands on); they keep chasing it when they have opportunities which they refuse to use. They chase things that have no lasting value.
  • The spirit of ingratitude is also an enemy of opportunities. Some do not value those who help them. Proverbs 17:13. Many do not appreciate what somebody did to get opportunities and made that opportunity available to them. They don’t show gratitude to those who have been good to them. They don’t show gratitude to those who bring them into what they are doing thereby inviting automatic curses upon themselves. Jeremiah 18:20-23. Are you an ingrate? I hope not, if you are; you must repent.
  • Another enemy of opportunity is backsliding and separation from God. When you backslide and separate from God, you lose divine opportunity.
  • Another enemy of opportunity is bad company. There will always be bad company to help you do bad things. You see beloved, one of the marks of maturity is to access lost opportunities that have come our way so that we can be attentive to future ones so that we will not make mistakes. All of us need help from God. Hebrews 3:5. God’s way of creating free help for us is to give us opportunities. Opportunities that are designed by God as a source of help is something we must take with good hands.

See beloved, from the passage we red; the city of Jesus where he was born had opportunities which they wasted.

We have serious prayer to pray. There are believers who are constantly and constantly and constantly missing opportunities. There are believers who missed opportunities over and over and over again; they need to pray. There are believers who needlessly miss opportunities, they didn’t need to miss it but they decide to miss it.

Opportunities are bound or they are available everywhere but they still miss those opportunities. There are believers who missing opportunities, unconsciously don’t realise it.

They didn’t know they are missing one, yet they are missing one. I pray that you will not be in that category in the name of Jesus!

Many of us at one time or the other have missed opportunities

Many people are paying dearly or heavily for the opportunities they missed before. It is a terrible thing to allow this trend to continue. It is a tragedy to miss divine opportunity. It is a tragedy not to get to where God wants you to get to because you are missing the opportunity He has given to you. Unfortunately, many of the opportunity people are offered and they wasted it; have been taken by others and others have used it to their own advantage.

Why do people miss opportunities?

  1. Ignorance of the entrance of the opportunity. May you not be ignorant in the name of Jesus!
  2. Some people don’t even deserve the opportunities, so they is it.
  3. People miss opportunities because of procrastination which is the habit of delayed action, putting something forward you should do immediately.
  4. People miss opportunities because of fear. They cant take a step of faith because they are afraid so they miss the opportunities.
  5. There are people who were at the war front that day, who should have battle goliath before David came; they wasted that opportunities. So people could waste opportunities out of not taking action.
  6. Many miss opportunities because of lack of understanding of the time.
  7. People miss opportunities because they are looking and waiting for perfect condition, so they waste opportunities like that.
  8. People miss opportunity because they are looking for everything to be complete and be in shape and before they move whereas, its not going to be complete like that; they have to take the opportunities.
  9. People waste opportunity because of laziness. David was not lazy, Joseph was not lazy, Daniel was not lazy, the men of old in the scriptures; they were not lazy.

I pray that you will not miss your opportunity, you will not miss your time in the name of Jesus!

When get home, read Luke 19: 41-44. You will find out that one major spiritual tragedy that we hotly and acidically, violently and mercilessly reject; is missing our moment and our time.

Beloved, once spiritual opportunities are lost; it is impossible to recover.

This pandemic now is an opportunity for you to get on fire for God; don’t miss the opportunity. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they were missing their time, they were missing their opportunities and they did not know the time of their visitation.
The danger of missing your time and your opportunity can be devastating and it is a terrible thing.

Many are into serious trouble now because they missed their opportunities. Genesis 19:16-17

Beloved, these are serious lessons for us. Now look at it, hope, properties, lives are lost. Remember Lot’s wife, this woman missed her moments, her opportunities and time and she was destroy.

When you miss your opportunities/ When opportunities are missed:

  • Destruction follows sometimes, when you miss an opportunity.
  • Plans are dismantled and buried.
  • Purposes are frustrated and aborted. Because the bible says, ‘to everything there is a season and every time there is a purpose under the heaven’.
  • Peace is lost and dangers creeps in just like Jesus was telling them in Jerusalem.

May you not miss your opportunity in the name of Jesus!

May every time wasting device assigned against your life backfire in the name of Jesus!
May the Lord rise for your sake in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

And every enemy of your divine opportunity, may they be disgraced in the name of Jesus!
Take this opportunity now, the message is loud and clear. Read your Bible, study well, pray, fast, read, get close to God!

  • When ooportunity is lost or missed, destiny is derailed and disorganized.

May your destiny not be derailed, may your destiny not be disorganized.
This is the tragedy of wasted opportunities, the tragedy of missed opportunities, the tragedy of what is putting lot of men into trouble.

I pray that you will be a testimony to the glory of God in the name of Jesus!

You hearken to the voice of God, you hearken to the voice of the message you are hearing now and sit down and analyze your life, analyze the way you are living your life, analyze the opportunity that have come your way, analyze those you were able to take and those you were not able to take, analyze why you lost those opportunities and make up your mind that it will not happen again.

  • When you missed your divine opportunity, failure comes up and more opportunity are even lost if you’re not careful. When the spies were sent out, all the spies did not take the opportunity but Caleb did and he went to the promise land and overcame.
    May the Lord help us to take our opportunities at the time we are suppose to take those opportunities in the name of Jesus!

A lot of people are not using their times well. A lot of people are playing with their opportunities. A lot of people are thinking there is time, and they keep procrastinating.

The value of procrastination is the value of missed opportunities.

Make up your mind beloved, that is why you are hearing this message and that’s why I’m telling you all these now. Make up your mind, whether there are giants in your land, whatever is happening in your land; you have facilities and opportunities. You need to take the bull by the horn and make sure that the enemy does not use you as a bad example, as a bad testimony.

  • When you miss opportunities, prayer is made out of time and out of context. Psalm 32:6, Isaiah 55:6
  • Judgement and disaster becomes inevitable
  • When opportunities and times are missed, doing the wrong thing at the right time and the right thing at the wrong time become the order of the day.
    May you not do the right thing at the wrong time in the name of Jesus!
  • When you are missing your opportunity or you’re missing your time, your colleagues bypass you and your juniors catch up with you. Look at Act 1:17
    May the Lord help you in the name of Jesus!

What are we going to do now?

  1. You need to become a friend of God but surrendering your life to Jesus.
  2. You need to sit down and analyze your life.
  3. You need to sit down and think of the opportunities that have come your way, the ones you have taken and the ones you have not taken.
  4. You need to have a rugged determination that you will no longer miss your opportunities.
  5. You need to pray hard to defeat destiny destruction syndrome.
    God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus!

Prayer Rain:

After Ministration prayers by Daddy G.O:

  1. Powers assigned to waste my opportunities, die in the name of Jesus!
  2. Powers tabling my matters in evil covens, scatter in the name of Jesus!
  3. Every demonic ladder in my destiny, clear away in the name of Jesus!
  4. Any power handing me over to problems, die in the name of Jesus!
  5. O God arise, and make me a testimony in the name of Jesus!
  6. Any problem in my life that has formed a covenant with the night, expire in the name of Jesus!
  7. Secrets of wicked elders behind my problems, be exposed and be disgraced in the name of Jesus!
  8. Any evil progress in my life, I terminate you in the name of Jesus!
  9. Every battle of Jericho blocking my blessings, clear away in the name of Jesus!
  10. Thunder of God, scatter every foundation hindering my breakthroughs in the name of Jesus!
  11. Wicked elders laughing at my calamities, be disgraced in the name of Jesus!
  12. Cages of darkness, holding me where I do not want to belong; break in the name of Jesus!
  13. Powers assigned to give me a garment of mockery; die in the name of Jesus!
  14. Powers assigned to pursue away my opportunities, scatter in the name of Jesus!
  15. The battles of my parents that have become my battles, be silenced in the name of Jesus!
  16. Every honor stolen from me by the enemies, be restored in the name of Jesus!
  17. Dark powers multiplying themselves against me, I break down your power in the name of Jesus!
    Now these three prayer points, I want you to pray them with fire and power:
  18. Owners of evil loads, carry your load by fire in the name of Jesus!
  19. Arrows of bewitchment, backfire in the name of Jesus!
  20. Any good thing the enemy has stolen from me, I recover them by fire in the name of Jesus!

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Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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