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TEXT: JOHN 2:14-25.

KEY VERSE “And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up” (JOHN 2:17).

People who are known to have accomplished one task or the other for God have one unique attribute – they never allowed themselves to be negatively influenced by popular opinion.

The prompt intervention of Phinehas, when he killed the adulterous man of Israel and the Midianitish woman, stayed the plague that came upon the nation as a result of sin. Phinehas’ unprecedented zeal won him a place in the Scriptures. Also, God entered into a covenant of peace with him (Numbers 25:1-13).

In our passage today, Jesus manifested a similar zeal by throwing out those who had converted the house of God into a den of robbers. He did not carry out the exercise to be seen and commended of men. He was angry at the level of desecration of the holy place.

After cleansing the temple, he also performed certain miracles before the scribes and Pharisees; yet, He did not allow Himself to be carried away by the praise of the masses. He was a man who demonstrated authority that had never been seen. He did not allow Himself to be swayed by praise singers. Jesus knew that those who sang His praise would one day crucify Him. All He did was to please God.

Christ’s attitude to the praise-singing members of the public is very instructive. As believers, we must endeavour to seek the praise of God in all that we do. Anything to the contrary is sinful and should be avoided. We must not allow popular opinion to discourage us from doing God’s will. We should always listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Had Phinehas or Jesus consulted with the people, they would not have pleased the Lord.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Don’t wear your faith as the fashion of your hat.



Wanted: Reformers and revivalists

1. Why Revivalists are needed?
a. Merchandise of religion and worship v16.
b. Institutionalized worldliness and idolatry in the temple vv14-16.
c. Changing the purpose of the Church from spiritual to pseudo- spiritual and mundane vv14-16.
d. Worshipping and serving God without regard to Biblical standards vv14-16.
e. Deviation from the true purpose of the Church. In this text a house of prayer was turned to a house of merchandise Matthew 21:23.
f. Emphasis on mere outward worship without deep piety and spirituality.
g. What other unscriptural things could you observe in the text and in the churches today?
2. Who could be reformers in the Church?
a. He knows the word of God clearly as to the purpose of the Church v16.
b. He is free from all forms of covetousness and worldliness v16.
c. His life is totally devoted to pleasing God above all else including “builders” of religion v18.
d. He is burning and hot, contending against all false and unscriptural religious practices v17.
e. He has the Holy Ghost fire, faith and force that backslidden religious people cannot resist or run down vv14-18.
f. He lives a radiant and unquestionably holy life that no one could put blame v17.
g. He has the grace to stand and contend for the truth even when he has to stand alone in the midst of multitudes vv14-16.
h. He is not afraid of what man can do against him for contending for the faith.
Q What other qualities could you observe in Jesus that made Him a shining and burning light in the midst of the darkness of this age?
3. A call to shine the light at your little corner
He that will be a follower of Christ must consecrate to be like the Master Jesus in passion, purity, prayer, principle and power (anointing). Stand tall and shine in this world of darkness.
Lord, search my life out and deliver me from wherever I might have compromised your word and worship
Lord, start working in me to be a burning and shining light for you in my generation
Lord, I hereby submit myself to the study of your word so that I will know clearly your word, way and will
Holy Spirit, move in your church and make the children, youths and adults burning lights in this generation

HYMN Give me a double portion

  1. Long ago in days of old, stood a man of God we’re told,
    As he talked to Elijah that day;
    His request he did repeat, standing at Elijah’s feet,
    “A double portion” I can hear him say.
    Give me, Lord, a double portion, pour Thy Spirit on me,
    Thru eyes of faith Thy wondrous works I can see,
    But I need Thy helping hand, in this troubled, sinful land,
    Give me, Lord, a double portion from Thee.
  2. As Elijah stood that day, to Elisha he did say,
    “Ask me what I shall do unto thee,”
    And Elisha then replied, walking at Elijah’s side,
    “A double portion, let it fall on me.”
  3. Lord, I always to Thee, pray, just for strength from day to day,
    But I see there’s so much to be done,
    That I have to kneel anew and this favor ask of you,
    A double portion — this fight must be won.
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