• September 12, 2020
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TEXT: 2 KINGS 14:17-29.
🔑KEY VERSE “For the LORD saw the affliction of Israel, that it was very bitter: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel. And the LORD said not that he would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven: but he saved them by the hand of Jeroboam the son of Joash” (2 KINGS 14:26,27).

On February 19, 2018, a terrorist group abducted over a hundred female students preparing for final exam at a Government College, in the north eastern Nigeria. All the captured girls, except one, Leah Sharibu, were later freed in a negotiated settlement between the government and the group. A year after her captivity, a Nigerian newspaper published an interview on March 24 with a captive “Ruth” who escaped from the camp of the terror group. The newspaper reported that “Ruth said she left Leah at the cell in October and that she was the prophetess in the camp, praying for others and healing through her prayers. Ruth claimed that when she had a troubled stomach, Leah placed her hands on her stomach and prayed for her and the pain was no more.” A story with eternal significance: Leah is the evangelist to terrorists.

Today’s passage is a record of some kings who ruled in Judah and Israel, albeit without the fear of God. Though Amaziah, king of Judah began well, he deviated and did not pull down the altars where sacrifices and incense were offered to idols in the high places. He was conspired against and brutally murdered. Azariah, his son became king in his stead. On the other hand, Jeroboam ruled as king over Israel in Samaria. It was recorded that just like his namesake, he did evil in the sight of the Lord and made Israel to sin. Despite his evil reign however, God saw the affliction of Israel and eventually used Jeroboam to fulfil His purpose by recovering Damascus and Hamath for Israel.

God is sovereign and He could use anyone and any situation for His glory. Just like He used Jeroboam (of all people) to rescue Israel, He can turn any bad situation around so that all things will work together for His glory.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY God is a God of great surprises.



What history will not tell you

  1. Two records of two great kings in the text and in second Chronicles 25.
  2. The 2 records complement each other by adding information not available in the other.
  3. For example, Amaziah reigned and was assassinated in 2Kings 14:17-20. But 2 Kings said nothing about his moral life. 2 Chronicles 25:26-28 added some cogent information: He reigned well but later departed from the Lord and that caused his assassination.
  4. Jeroboam II reigned over Israel for 41 years, continued in the sins of Jeroboam, still achieved great things for Israel, fulfilled prophecy and was used of God, vv23-28.
  5. Compare that with the parallel passage in Chronicles record and identify the missing information in that record.
  6. Jeroboam record showed that you might be an achiever, used of God and even fulfilled prophecies but yet you a write off before God both morally and in eternity.
  7. Some missing information in the human record:
    a. Did they receive divine forgiveness for the evils done before they died?
    b. What were the motives for the good work done on earth: to glorify God or to just seek human applause?
    c. Was the good done enough to open the door of heaven for them?
    c. Were they welcome to heaven by angels after death or dragged to hell by demons after death?
    d. Were their names recorded in the book of life before death.
    e. Many more information missing which God has in His book, Revelation 20:11-15.
    Fortunate if in God’s record all your sins and evils are forgiven, forgotten and erased from God’s record and will never be mentioned against you again because you have given your life to Christ.👏
    Fortunate If all your good works passed through divine fire and they are still retained in God’s record, waiting to be rewarded👏
    Unfortunate If all your sins and evils, known to man and God, are still written in your record waiting for the judgement day☠
    Unfortunate If all the “good works” you did has no record in heaven because your sins and motives made them unacceptable and unrecognizable by God☠
    Reflect and think of where you belong. Not too late to make amend🤔
    Prayer points
    Lord, I want my name to be in the Book of life and to remain there till I see you face to face. Help me to be diligent and careful to that effect🙏
    Lord, purge my heart from all wrong motives that may delete my good works from your record🙏
    Lord, help me to be living always in the consciousness of eternity🙏
    Lord, help us all in the Church to be mindful of eternity always🙏

HYMN My name is written there

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