Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 7) » Flatimes

  • July 29, 2020
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Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 7) » Flatimes


Caleb ajagba

Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 7) Proverbs 22:29 by Pastor Caleb Ajagba

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Food has continued to play a key role in the enslavement of destinies. When people are hungry many of them throw caution to the winds. Indiscretion and lack of self-control, can appear more devastating when people suspect that the source of food supply is about to thin out. This leads many people to become impatient and try to do everything possible to satiate their hunger.

During seasons of lack and famine such as the current pandemic has launched the world into, the desperation of many people tend to increase uncontrollably. During this time, the preference for many is consumption and immediate gratification. Lifestyle that is prevalent in times of famine is spontaneous while decision making is usually irrational.

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The tendency for many is to create a false sense of desperation and this makes many to indulge in habits that tend to be destructive in the long run and one which could lead to their undoing. During famine, excuses overtake reasoning and common sense because self-preservation is the primary concern. It was due to extreme hunger that the Israelites journeyed down to Egypt in search of food and became slaves for 430 years but for the intervention of God.

Many people have been known to discount discretion in preference for taking maximum advantage to eat to their satisfaction especially when the food being served is free. However, if you are invited to a function with Kings and great men where food is to be served, it is advisable for you to eat before going, so that you don’t focus on the food and drinks and miss the purpose for the meeting. It is important to note here that everything counts either for or against you when you are face-to-face with Kings and great men. There is a common character trait which Kings and great men exhibit. Even when Kings and great men are very hungry especially in public functions, they don’t show it. As a matter of dignity and their self-respect, they eat selectively. They usually eat as if they are not hungry or are not really interested in the food.

However, for commoners and the uninformed, this is an opportunity of a life time to eat whatever food they had not eaten before. Many in their lack of self-control and discretion, end up collecting more food than they can actually finish. Exercise of discretion especially while in the public glare, where Kings and Great men are gathered is one of the many disciplines that you must learn and internalise on your way to the top.

Letting your appetite loose and placing order for all kinds of foods and drinks may turn out to be a disaster. When you find it difficult to control your appetite for food and drinks in the public, it is a clear indication of a life that lacks discipline, self-control and discretion. It is an indication of a cheap character and one that can be easily bought over or that can sell-out when the chips are down. Your inability to control yourself especially in public functions where buffet is served, and you are at liberty to eat anything you like, is a dangerous bait and many have fallen flat for this. In some cases, the Kings may even urge you to take some more food or drinks, but gently and politely refuse this, as this could be a ploy to check your level of discipline and contentment.

In Prov 23:1-8, King Solomon gave this beautiful counsel for all of us, “When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee; And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite. Be not desirous of his dainties; for they are deceitful meat… Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee. The morsel which thou has eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words”.

Accordingly, as much as you pray for open doors and favour before Kings and great men, also pray for wisdom for discretion and contentment when you are face-to face with them. So when you have an important function to attend where Kings and great men will be attending, it is a display of divine wisdom to eat before going if you are hungry, that is the way of all Kings and Great men.

Written by Caleb Ajagba


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