Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 6) » Flatimes

  • July 18, 2020
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Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 6) » Flatimes


Standing Before Kings And Great Men And Women (Part 6) Proverbs 22:29 by Pastor Caleb Ajagba

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When you are standing before Kings and great men, avoid any form of distraction. Distraction has a way of presenting people as lacking in character, discipline and focus. One that is often distracted or that indulges in constant distraction of others is seen as a jester, an unserious person and a cheap character.

These days, virtually everyone has a toy especially mobile phone either handy or in a bag (for ladies). Many are inundated with all manner of calls both serious and unserious. Many cannot afford to step out without these toys, let alone stay without having enough ‘credit’ to either chat or browse. Many have become slaves to mobile telephony and to some, the level of relevance and status is actually defined by the type of phones they use. The sad part of this narrative is that many, who are either unemployed or very poor use mobile phones that are very expensive as a way to compensate their inadequacies and to prove a point that depicts lack of discretion in managing their resources.

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However, it is advisable to note here that no matter how expensive and adorable your ‘toy’ is, discipline yourself to know how to use it when you are face to face with Kings and great men. This explains why in some cases phones are not allowed when entering into certain places. So do your best to avoid distractions especially during meetings with Kings and great men. It is advisable, to switch off your phone or put it in silent mode. If you fail to do this, you will be shocked that what has brought you so much pleasure and a sense of fulfilment will turn around to become your albatross.

Kings and great men are too busy to tolerate unnecessary distractions. So avoid entertaining them with your distractions, otherwise they will refer you to their aides or subordinates and you would have lost the opportunity of appearing before them again. In case you forgot to switch off your phone and it rings, the King may ask you to take your call, but be wise enough not to take such a call. Simply inform your caller that you are in an important meeting and that you would call him or her back once you are done with the meeting.

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For allowing your phone to ring, quickly apologize to the King or great man and switch off the phone immediately and reposition yourself for business. It would be improper to accede to such gesture of answering your call when you have an unfinished business with the King or a great man. They value their time and expect you to do the same when you are face to face with them. If you go ahead to take that call, they will not let you know but they will mark you down as one lacking in discretion. Don’t fall for it!

I will be back next week, God willing to continue this series with a look at the topic: Eat before Meeting with Kings and Great Men! There is a reason why this is important and next week we shall know why.

Written by Caleb Ajagba


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