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TEXT: JOSHUA 23:6-13.

It is advisable to meditatively read the text first

🔑KEY VERSE “Know for a certainty that the LORD your God will no more drive out any of these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes until ye perish from off this good land which the LORD your God hath given you” (JOSHUA 23:13).

The tragedy of serving two masters is that it puts on the supposed servant the onerous responsibility of constantly adjusting his loyalty based on anticipated favours from each master rather than the master’s demand. He will end up rendering eye service. “No man can serve two masters,” the scriptures states emphatically.

Joshua succeeded Moses as Israel’s leader. He had led them over the years and had been used of God in various mighty ways. Now, he was approaching the end of his life and needed to drum it into their ears the conditions for God’s protection and security. He harped continuously on separation from the surrounding heathen nations in all matters of marriage and worship as the Lord had commanded through Moses. He did not stop just at that; he proceeded to list out inescapable consequences of their disobedience: the traps, scourge and thorn that would afflict them until they perished.


ministers and leaders in God house must warn the congregation against sin.

The conditions that the people faced in Bible days are obviously prevailing today. Unequal yoke in marriage, business and false worship characterize the lifestyle of many so-called Christians today. Believers must be warned to resist with all vehemence, all attraction to unequal yoke and ungodly relationships.

As he go out today, do not give in to worldly pressure to join evildoers. Be determined and trust in the power of God to carry you through. After all, Christ has promised in the Scripture that “my grace is sufficient for thee.”

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY No man can serve two masters.



It takes courage to do the will of God

  1. Need for Courage
    a. God told Joshua that he needed courage to do the will of God in Joshua 1:6,7.
    b. Joshua himself, as a successful veteran warlord, also emphasised the same to others, Joshua 23:6,7.
    c. Why do you think you need courage to do God’s will at all times?
    Think less of intimidation of the enemies, implications on loved ones, uncertainty of short and long term effects, initial losses and persecutions, influences of destructive forces etc when the will of God is to be done. Be strong and of good courage. Do it!
    Lord, give me courage of heart never to shrink from doing your will
  2. Necessity of Cleaving vv8-10
    Courage is strengthened by cleaving to the Lord and His word of assurance vv8-10.
    a. Cleaving implies that you are holding fast to His word and promises v8.
    b. To every will of God, there is at least a promise for divine backing and blessings. Discover it vv9,10.
    c. You cannot be courageously moving in the pathway of God’s will and be torn in pieces by lions vv9,10. God is always on the side of the obedient vv9,10.
    d. Can you recall some of the precious promises of God for your situation?
    This is the time to cleave to the Lord
    Lord, draw me closer and give me more love of the Spirit to draw closer to you at this time
  3. The Nonsensity of Compromise vv11-13.
    Compromise will never bring lasting blessings and favour. The compromiser will eventually be consumed, entangled and disgraced by the compromise. The best and rewarding option is to obey God at all times.
    Q Is there any area of God’s will you are compromising? Repent and surrender before it is too late.
    Lord, I hereby make up my mind never to be a compromiser. Give me grace
    Lord, visit your children who are fainting or compromising because of present challenges with grace and courage

HYMN Just Obey

  1. Just as God who reigns on High
    Spake to men in days gone by,
    So the Lord is calling men today;
    And, my brother this is true,
    Whatso-e’er He says to you
    There is but one thing to do, just obey
    Just obey, just obey,
    Is the way, God’s way;
    When His message comes to you,
    There is but one thing to do,
    Just obey, just obey
  2. If you’re in the Saviour’s hands,
    You must do as He commands,
    For there is no other gospel way;
    Never put the message by,
    Never stop to reason why,
    When the Saviour speaks to you, just obey
    Just obey, just obey,
    Is the way, God’s way;
    When His message comes to you,
    There is but one thing to do,
    Just obey, just obey
  3. If for mansions fair you sigh
    In that land beyond the sky
    After time with you has pass’d away;
    Tho’ the way you may not see,
    Christ is calling ”Follow Me”
    Faith and duty both will cry just obey
    Just obey, just obey,
    Is the way, God’s way;
    When His message comes to you,
    There is but one thing to do,
    Just obey, just obey
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