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🔑KEY VERSE “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied” (JEREMIAH 23:21).

Imagine if you own a shop and someone you have never met goes to the landlord on your behalf to demand part of the money you paid as rent. And the stranger tells the landlord that you sent him and that the money should be paid right away. If this situation is brought to your notice, will you not disown the stranger and call him a fraudster?

This is exactly the situation in today’s text. The Lord, through prophet Jeremiah, laments the situation of prophets and priests in Israel before the exile to Babylon. The prophets and priests were profane. They prophesied for Baal, led the people into idolatry, adultery and wickedness. They did not speak for the Lord but themselves. They told lies; spoke visions of their own hearts and encouraged sins and sinners. The Lord then pronounced judgement on them.

Every day and everywhere, churches and Christian assemblies are being established. Many of the ministers who established these congregations did not receive God’s call. He has not sent nor spoken to them; yet, they prophesy in His name. Outright lies are usually easier to detect than the twisting of the truth. Herein lies the danger that many Christians face these days. Some preachers even speculate that simple faith in Jesus Christ is not enough to lead to salvation and deliverance. These are signs of false teachings and prophecies.

There is no other salvation anywhere else except in the name of Jesus. You must shun all peddlers of perverted gospel and houses of worship that use self-help. To visit such places is to agree with them that the blood of Jesus Christ shee on the cross at Calvary is not sufficient to save from sins and deliver from all forms of oppression and afflictions. Beware, we are in the last days and many false prophets and antichrists are everywhere. May the Lord keep you from them!

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Be cautious of false prophets and their teachings.



The prophets and the preachers are to blame

  1. Different kinds of preachers/prophets
    a. The profane prophets vv11,15.
    They lack true spirituality and manifest wickedness in the name of the Lord.
    b. Paganistic prophets v13.
    They worship Baal and other gods, invoke other powers outside God’s and are involved in different rituals even though they pretend to be sent by God.
    c. Perverted prophets v14.
    They engage in horrible sins like immorality, lies, etc.
    d. Prosperity prophets.
    Their emphasis is on wealth and prosperity. They are generally mild on evil doers because of covetousness v14. They rarely preach about heaven because they are earthly.
    e. Placid prophets
    They claim their ministry is not to hurt anybody including the evil doers. Their god has not sent them to condemn sin but pacify those with guilty conscience v17.
    f. Political prophets.
    Their vision and prophesies are generally towards politicians because their patronage will bring wealth. They don’t, as a matter of principle, preach against the evils of those politicians. Their god is not worried about evils vv21,22.
    f. The puritan prophets.
    They preach and emphasis repentance and holy living. They are scarce to come by in these last days v9.
  2. Danger signals to avoid
    a. The person God used to condemn and prophesy against those prophets was a puritan prophet Jeremiah v9. This shows that there is divine approval for only puritan prophets.
    b. Don’t be carried away by their visions. God said He has not sent them vv21,22.
    c. Don’t hearken to their deceptive words v16.
    d. They will corrupt and make you vain before God v16.
    e. If t…
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