• February 13, 2020
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TEXT: RUTH 1:6-12.

🔑KEY VERSE “Then she arose with her daughters in law, that she might return from the country of Moab: for she had heard in the country of Moab how that the LORD had visited his people in giving them bread” (RUTH 1:6).

At one time or the other, a natural man undertakes a dangerous journey since he is not being guided by the Spirit of God. But what makes a difference is the ability of those who have embarked on such journeys to return to their original point. Man was made of God’s image but he debated and took a journey into sin; but it takes the shed blood of Jesus Christ to cause man to return to his Maker. Hence, the plea, “Return, O backsliding Israel.”

There are many people today who have strayed and wandered away from God into a strange land but have no intention to return home. They may have embarked on such dangerous journey in search of pleasure and freedom. But in the process, they lost everything and are ashamed to return home. Naomi decided to return home. She knew that home must always be home. The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) knew that there was a difference between home and strange land. He decided to return to his father, even though he had messed up.

Dear friend, wherever you may be outside God’s embrace, He expects you to return.

There is still room for you in your Father’s house. Jesus is calling all prodigal sons and daughters to return home for there is now abundance in our father’s house.

Naturally, when a prodigal son returns, some would make jest of him and wonder why he decided to return. But those who commend the decision to return are always in the majority. When a sinner or backslider returns to the fold of God’s children, Satan and his agents are not always happy. But there is always joy in heaven and among the brethren that a sinner has come home.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Why not return to the Lord now?


MEDITATION: Never too late

1. Ten years away from the will of God
a. How reasonable was their decision to relocate? v10.
b. Why was the excuse reasonable but not blessed of God?
Lord give me the spirit and the grace that will always wait to know your will before taking serious decisions
c. What were the irresistible temptations and compromises they made for their wrong relocation? v4.
Lord, always keep me away from decisions that will be a source of temptations and compromise to me
d. What were their loses for their “reasonable” decisions? vv3,5.
Lord, bring all your children to the Bible days when the leading of the Holy Spirit is of paramount importance above all else
2. The full return to the will of God vv6,7.
a. Why do you think it was a difficult decision to return to her country?
b. She had to “swallow” her pride, partnership, position, popularity, etc, in Moab in order to return to the will of God.
Think on considerations that are hindering you from totally returning to God and His service
Ask for wisdom and grace to make a wise choice of totally surrendering to God’s will
c. The Book detailed how the blessings of humble repentance and faith in God brought eternal blessings and fame that totally superseded her temporary loss in Moab.

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