• August 3, 2020
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TEXT: JOB 26:1-14.
🔑KEY VERSE “But Job answered and said, How hast thou helped him that is without power? How safest thou the arm that hath no strength?” (JOB 26:1,2).

A brother was preparing for marriage and many unsavory things just kept on happening to him. He lost his job and his attempt to get accommodation was like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. After some protracted struggles, he managed to raise some money for the marriage. On the set date, as he was going for the ceremony, he was attacked and stripped of all the cash he was going with. He came back with tales of woes and most of the brethren concluded that he must have been living in secret sin to have experienced such calamities which is not befitting of a true child of God.

This is similar to the experience of Job. His three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, who came initially to comfort him later turned out to accuse him of wrongdoings which they believe caused his afflictions.

Our reaction when a brother or sister is going through intense trials, persecution, sickness, bereavement, extreme poverty, etc., is very important. We are to weep with them that weep by being an encouragement and support to them. We must not be like the three friends of Job who became accusers instead of comforters.

Do not do anything to add to their pains and sufferings. Isolating them because of what they are going through will be the most unkind and uncharitable thing to do. Let us be there for them in their trying times and together, we shall rejoice when the sunshine of victory breaks forth for them.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Encourage the discouraged, strengthen the weak.



Take a reflection on the greatness of God

  1. Omniscience: Though he lives in heaven, yet He still sees everything and everybody in hell and also hears their cries, v6🤔
  2. Omnipotence: How long is His hands? The land area of the earth is 148.6 million square km. Yet God, without the assistance of any, could create the earth with His hands v7. His hand can reach where your blessings are hidden🙏
  3. Invisibility: Even though He lives above, the force of gravity could not bring Him down and no technology can make any to see Him by accident, v9🙏. Astronauts could only see what He allows.
  4. Omnipotence: The sea with all its angry waves cannot go beyond its bounds except God permitted it for a purpose, v10. He has sworn He will not use water to destroy the whole world again👍
  5. Omnipotence: Can you think of dividing the Red sea of 355km width into two like 2 opposing walls? v12. No human and modern technology could do that. “How great thou art”🎷
    Q What are the other manifestation of His greatness in the text?
    Spend time to praise God for His greatness?🙏
    Ask God to you more revelation of His greatness and to manifest His greatness in your life🙏
    Specifically ask for a situation where you want His greatness manifested🙏
    Let the Holy Spirit always set the greatness of God before the eyes of every brother or sister🙏

HYMN How great thou art.

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