• September 2, 2020
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🔑KEY VERSE “And the man that will do presumptuously, and will not hearken unto the priest that stands to minister there before the LORD thy God, or unto the judge, even that man shall die: and thou shalt put away the evil from Israel” (DEUTERONOMY 17:12).

Many today have received leanness into their souls, families, careers, because of their disregard and disobedience to constituted authorities. They end up missing God’s plan for their lives. Whatever instruction or judgment decided on a matter concerning us and others in the assembly of Christians must be complied with, whether it is in our favour or not.

The Lord, through Moses, had earlier in Chapter 16 ordered that courts of judgment be established throughout the land to hear cases and give judgment. But here in our text, provision is made for appeals in matters that these other courts were unable to handle. In other words, we are introduced to courts of supreme adjudication so that those who were not satisfied with the manner issues were handled could appeal them. In all civil or criminal cases, where there was any doubt or difficulty, the local magistrates were to submit them by reference to the tribunal of the Sanhedrin – the supreme council. Their sittings were held in the neighbourhood of the sanctuary so that in cases of emergencies, the high priest would consult God by Urim.

The decisions of these courts were binding on the appellant and there was no room for appeal. lf a person was so perverse and refractory as to refuse obedience, his conduct, if inconsistent with the maintenance of order and good government, would then be regarded and punished as a capital crime. This was to make the people fear and do no more presumptuously.

As believers, we must learn to adhere to instructions given to us in our local churches, whether it is in our favour or not. No one runs ahead of God and has a pleasant tale to tell. Being left in the permissive will is grievous and will lead to tragedy and eternal damnation.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY A peace loving Christian accepts godly verdicts.



Divine template in resolving conflicts among brethren

  1. Conflicts should be avoided by all as much as possible because conflicts drives away the presence of God and may lead to eternal death if not properly handled, Hebrews 12:14, Romans 12:18.
  2. Be careful not to offend any in the house of God and be slow in taking offences. Interprete others’ actions from the perspective of love, Ephesians 4:3. Always ask for grace.
  3. If offended and you are having difficulty with forgiveness , don’t bottle it in the heart, handle it scripturally. It is carnality to pretend that you are not offended when in reality you are hurt. It is spirituality to take the bull by the horn and settle offences, Hebrews 12:14,15.
  4. If you perceive that a brother/sister is feeling offended without expressing it, don’t be lackadaisical about it, initiate the holy move to confirm and if true, resolve it in love or your prayer will be hindered, Matthew 5:23,24.
  5. The first step is not to tell the third party but to prayerfully discuss with the person directly involved with meekness and grace, Matthew 18:15.
  6. A third party can be involved if it is not resolved at this stage. The third party must be neutral, gracious and respected by both parties, and must be a believer, Matthew 18: 16
  7. On rare occasions, the dust of the conflict may still not settle. In this case, the church leadership should be involved and the case must be settled. Anyone who refuses to cooperate with the mediation of church leadership is declared a sinner that is worthy of capital punishment or eternal destruction, Deuteronomy 17: 8-13 Matthew 18:17.
    Lord, give me grace to be careful not to offend others by any means🙏
    Lord, I ask for the grace of Jesus to easily forgive those who offend me and to interprete their actions positively🙏
    Lord, give me grace to be a peacemaker and to be sensitive to the feelings of others🙏
    Lord, let the spirit of true forgiveness and love reign in the fellowship and families🙏

HYMN Let others see Jesus in you

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