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TEXT: LUKE 16:1-18.
🔑KEY VERSE “If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?” (LUKE 16:11).

The following quotation was attributed to an unknown source. “Character is the one thing we make in this world and take with us into the next. The circumstances amid which you live determine your reputation; the truth you believe determines your character. Reputation is what you are supposed to be; character is what you are. Reputation is what you have when you come to a new community; character is what you have when you go away. Reputation is made in a moment; character is built in a lifetime. A single newspaper report gives our reputation; a life of toil gives you your character. Reputation is what men say about you on your tombstone; character is what angels say about you before the throne of God.”

Nowadays, people cut corners and take all kinds of shortcuts to succeed in life. Some change figures and cook up books in order to defraud their masters to make themselves an unrighteous gain.

Christ’s exhortation was not in any way an endorsement for sharp practices, but an encouragement to make preparation for eternity. Ministers of God are stewards of the mysteries of God. They are expected to be models of righteousness to other members of the church. Believers are to exhibit the true virtues of Christianity in their workplace. This is what differentiates us from others in the world.

No matter what choices we make in life and the motive behind our actions, the truth will come out eventually. Nothing is hidden under the sun. The service we deliver today, and faithfulness while working for others, will eventually be repaid when others begin to work for us.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Do your work with the highest level of integrity.



Godly wisdom in handling money

  1. Clarifications on the parable of unjust steward vv1-8.
    a. A parable is just a means of explaining a spiritual truth by using what people are familiar with as illustration.
    b. There is only one message a parable is passing across. Any other derivation outside that message may lead to erroneous views.
    c. What the parable of the unjust steward is passing across is the employee’s wisdom, though worldly and ungodly, in preparing for the future or termination of appointment.
    d. The l ord who commended his wisdom is not our L ord but the lord of the servant, v8.
    e. The children of this world are wiser in preparing for the future than the children of light, v8.
    Q How wise are you in preparing for your eternal home and happiness?
  2. How children of light should handle money
    a. Poverty is not a thing to be proud of. Invest in wealth and riches. Don’t be idle, v9.
    b. Think of the future in your plans. Don’t eat up all your possessions. Invest against tomorrow, v9. You need not be a beggar for Christ.
    c. Most importantly, invest your wealth or money into what will bring you eternal rewards. That is the main import of the parable, v9, Matthew 6:19-21. This is what should be the motivation for desiring wealth.
    d. Money is the least thing God can give any person. If you are not faithful with money, it will deny you greater blessings, both temporal and eternal, that God has for you, v10.
    Q What are the blessings you are expecting from God?
    e. Be faithful with money, including God’s and other people’s money, because that will determine other things God will give you, vv11,12.
    f. Don’t be selfish like the unjust steward. Take care and be accountable of other people’s wealth as if it is your own, vv11,12.
    g. Litmus test: If God is your Master, faithfulness with money will be your watch word, v13.
    h. Avoid all forms of greed and covetousness even though they are highly esteemed among the people of the world, vv14,15. They are abominations even if the world calls them smartness or wisdom.
    I. Be ready to fight and resist all temptations relating to money if you want to make heaven, v16.
    Lord, forgive me of all unfaithfulness with respect to money that should be given You and that which belongs to others🙏
    Lord, I ask for wisdom and understanding to take investment for future, both present and eternal, priority 🙏
    Lord, purge my heart and affection from all covetous and greedy tendencies 🙏
    Lord, deliver your children and ministers from the love of money which is already creeping into the Church🙏

HYMN Take my life

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