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TEXT: LUKE 14:25-35.
🔑KEY VERSE “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple” (LUKE 14:26).

Many are quick to profess their love for God. They put up a public show of it in the way they dress; in the manner of their speech and in their dietary preferences. They present themselves as God’s favourite children; regular in Church services and dutiful in meeting all their religious obligations. And they conclude that this is all that is needed by God! Nothing can be further from the truth. God standard is much higher and He expects everyone to faithfully abide by it.

Great multitudes had followed Jesus Christ. Knowing there hidden motives for coming, He made one of the most remarkable statements in the gospel. He told them that those who would follow Him and become His disciples must love God far above everyone else – parents, spouse and children. They must, above all, love God more than they love themselves. And they must also be prepared to make far-reaching sacrifices; to bear their cross. Discipleship demands that they forget about their achievements and personal preferences, to follow Christ. That is the only way they can be useful in the kingdom of God. He expects they would be wise, listen and obey His words.

Those who pretend to follow Christ just to satisfy some ulterior motives or personal cravings, such as people’s commendation or praises or using same as a means to deceiving unsuspecting members of the public, do so to their own peril. They will receive the reward of their insincerity. God is not mocked.

Jesus is calling us here not to make empty profession about love for Him but to demonstrate this by our actions. We must come to Christ without any hidden agenda, our self-serving motive. Our only concern should be to follow the footsteps of Christ and work for the expansion of the Kingdom.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: True discipleship matters only when it serves one interest: Christ’s



Check list for true disciples of Christ

  1. Does the love of Jesus supersedes all natural affections and relationships including maternal, paternal, marital and filial? v26.
  2. Is your love for self, viz., self praise, self recognition, self esteem, self actualization, self indulgence, self projection, ego, etc. subservient to the love of Christ? v26.
  3. Are you willing to bear your cross (a symbol of shame, sufferings and sorrow) for the sake of your faith in Christ happily and cheerfully? v27.
  4. Are you willing to consecrate, and if need be give up, all your possessions (mental, money, marriage, etc) for the sake of Christ? v33.
  5. Have you taken time to think through on the blessedness of “choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season”? vv28-32.
  6. Are you not being cajoled, pushed or pulled to do the will of God in your life without your personal conviction and decision? vv28-32.
  7. Are you willing and resolute to pay the price of following Christ fully without looking back? vv28-32.
    Note A genuine experience of salvation will make it possible to say YES to all the seven questions above.
    A NO to any of them makes you unfit to be a disciple of Christ. But His grace is available if you ask for it.
    Lord, I come to you for sufficient grace to be a true disciple of Christ🙏
    Lord, give me more understanding, knowledge and wisdom that will make me willing to carry my cross and follow you cheerfully and happily🙏
    Lord, give me your grace that made you to give up all for my salvation🙏
    Lord, help all our Church goers to accept the yoke of discipleship cheerfully and help all not to be satisfied with spurious Christian experiences any more 🙏

HYMN: Nothing between

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