• August 4, 2020
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TEXT: LUKE 13:1-10.
🔑KEY VERSE “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” (LUKE 13:3)

Our newsstands a daily filled with tragic incidences occurring in different parts of the world with rising death tolls. Fire outbreaks, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, road and boat crashes, etc., are happening almost on a daily basis. Many alive one moment, are swept into eternity the very next. All these are causing serious concerns in different quarters and our reasons for us to pause and learn.

In our text, some people had gone to Jesus to complain of the evil deeds of Governor Pilate who had killed some worshippers and mingled their blood with their sacrifices. Christ’s response was both surprising and revealing. They might not have been the worst sinners in Galilee to have suffered such things. Also, the eighteen on which the tower of Siloam fell and killed might not necessarily have been the worst sinners in Jerusalem. He therefore urged those still alive by the mercy of God to repent lest they too perish.

Christ’s teaching must be clear to everyone. We live in a world where evil, orchestrated by Satan, is prevalent. He steals, kills and destroys. The point is that someone needs not be the worst person or sinner to fall victim in the hands of the evil one. The only place of security therefore is under “the canopy” of Jesus Christ, which must be entered by repentance from sin and faith in His finished work. Sinners belong to Satan and he hurts them. Believers belong to God and He protects them. That is not to say they are not being attacked by the enemy but God still delivers them.

As Christians therefore, the news of tragic happenings all around us should make us remain ever thankful to God for His daily mercies and protection, and spur us to reach out with love, compassion and a sense of urgency to the sinners all around us so they will not perish.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Act fast before more perish



Never rejoice in others misfortune: Rather ask the question-Who will be the next to face eternity?

  1. The delusions of the deceived minds
    a. I will make sure I repent before I die, I cannot die now, vv2,4.
    b. I know I will have premonitions before I die. It cannot be now, vv2,4.
    c. I am too young to die, vv2,5.
    d. My good dreams must be fulfilled before I die, vv2,4.
    e. I am not so sinful as to die like criminals. I am better than many, vv2,4.
    f. The divine promise of long life covers me, vv2,4. What if you die unprepared, will you go to hell and question God?
    g. I cannot be the next to face eternity, vv2,4.
    Question: What is your own mindset about the imminence of death? Think!
    Question: What are the other excuses people give to show that death is not imminent? What about you? Also deceived?
  2. The danger of self-delusion
    a. Living a lackadaisical life.
    b. Living without preparation to face eternity vv2,4.
    c. Living a life that does not bear spiritual fruits of righteousness and holiness unto God, vv6,7.
    d. Perishing in eternal fire, vv3,5.
    Note All sinners already have a sentence of death upon them. God is only giving them opportunities to repent, vv8,9, 2 Peter 3:9.

3.The definite decision of the wise
Anybody can face eternity at any time regardless of their mind-sets. The wisest decision to make is to repent without delay or procrastination vv3,5.


1.Lord, deliver me from the delusion that I cannot be the next to face eternity🙏

  1. Lord, put in me the wisdom to always be ready to face eternity at any time🙏
  2. Let my life be abundantly fruitful to your glory🙏
  3. Lord, I pray you awaken all in the Church, saints or sinners, to the imminence of death🙏


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