• August 21, 2020
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🔑KEY VERSE “So the Edomites revolted from under the hand of Judah unto this day. The same time also did Libnah revolt from under his hand; because he had forsaken the LORD God of his fathers” (2 CHRONICLES 21:10).

The founding fathers of the United States of America laid the foundation of the nation on absolute faith and trust in God and sound biblical principles. This is reflected in their motto, “In God We Trust.” It was not any wonder therefore that the nation experienced rapid growth, flourished and prospered. But in the past few years, the nation that once boasted their faith in God had begun to shift very far away from Him and embraced liberalism and all forms of permissiveness. As a result, they had become vulnerable to all forms of attacks and woes.

Jehoshaphat, in his lifetime, had helped to build a strong, united, powerful, peaceful and prosperous nation under God. He had proved the saying true that “righteousness exalts a nation.” But soon after his death his son, Jehoram, who succeeded him, went the opposite direction. Influenced by his alliance with the ungodly Ahab and his marriage to his daughter, he dragged the nation back to idolatry and all forms of abominations, and subjected her to enemies’ attack.

It can never get better when any nation, group or individual turns away from God. This is the truth every Christian must understand and admit. No matter how inviting and promising the fantasy of worldly pleasures may seem, it cannot get better out of there.

To continue to enjoy the blessings and favour that our fathers in the faith bequeathed to us, we must commit ourselves to walk in their steps and follow their faith. The nation of Judah would no doubt have continued in strength, peace, and prosperity had Jehoram followed the steps of his father. Let us learn from this. Avoid every association and influence that will turn you away from God. Have you in any way been deceived to turn away from God? Come home; the Father awaits you! There is no better place other than the blessed fold of God.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Our lives will turn apart when we turn away from God.



Who do you blame?

  1. The sin of the father that affected the choice of the son
    a. Jehoshaphat, with all his good reign, was rebuked twice for going into alliance with ungodly and wicked Ahab on different occasions, 19:2,3;20:35-37.
    b. The firstborn was 7 years of age when his father Jehoshaphat began to reign, 20:31;21:5. Obviously the son was an eye witness to the evil affinity with the wicked Ahab.
    Q Was the son aware of the wrath of God as a result of his father’s affinity with Ahab, including the destruction of his father’s business by God? Did Jehoshaphat took time to tell his son it was a great error with grievous consequences which his son should avoid? Would the son had gone to marry Ahab’s daughter were it not for the father’s unequal yoke?
    a. Don’t bequeath a bad example to the younger generation. It may have a far reaching effect than you think. If they know of your sin, let them know of your repentance and the repercussions too.
    b. Don’t just follow great people ahead of you no matter their achievement. Only follow their actions of faith, Hebrews 13:7. Jehoram was wrong to have followed that error of his father.
  2. Wrong choice of life partner by the son
    a. Jehoram was attracted to marry Ahab’s daughter obviously because of the created link his father had with Ahab. He did not totally break that link with Ahab, 21:6. Totally burn the bridge behind you if you want to enjoy God.
    b. The wife influenced him too negatively to the point that he died prematurely after reigning for only 8 years, 21:5,6.
    d. He also permanently lost territories of the nation he ruled, 21:8-10.
    Q Why must he murder his siblings after his father has rightly given him the throne?21;2,3. Why was his fear of insecurity were it not for the evil influence of his murderous wife who took after her murderous and wicked mother Jezebel? 21:5,6.
    a. Don’t dine with the devil even with a long spoon, avoid ungodly affinity totally like COVID-19. It could be very deadly.
    b. Love should not be allowed to blind your senses when making a choice of life or business partner. Be sure of the conversion of your intending spouse and his family background. Some “innocent” decisions of today can badly influence and affect you and your generations yet unborn.

HYMN O Jesus I have promised

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