• July 22, 2020
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🔑KEY VERSE “He that loves pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loves wine and oil shall not be rich” (PROVERBS 21:17).

Wanton pleasure is the greatest bane of the modern world today. Both civilised and developing nations of the world are painfully groping under the burden of uncontrolled pursuit of pleasure. History has it that the powerful empire of the Romans was brought on its knees by reckless indulgence of her people in debauchery. Many modern societies are adrift into moral, economic and religious decline currently as a result of love of pleasure.

The text under consideration disapproves of the illegitimate pleasure-seeking or wealth acquisition of the slothful. It forewarned of the dangers inherent in choosing an unrighteous path to amass wealth. Legitimate pleasure is scriptural and part of divine promise and provision for the righteous. It is the product of conscientious work and industry. This kind of pleasure fuels hard work, growth, progress and success in all areas of life.

However, the warped view of pleasure wherein individuals and society want the best in life without commensurate effort at achieving their desires is condemnable. This is the reason behind many folks falling victim to Ponzi schemes that promise great monetary gains with paltry sums. The rat race to amass wealth at all cost and by all means has left many individuals, families and communities in frustration and regret.
A lax attitude towards work, day-dreaming of wealth, as well as spending hard earned resources on “sweeties” are all negative attitudes no one should entertain, as such do lead to poverty and lack. We must learn how to invest our time, talent and treasure to create more durable wealth for ourselves and dependants.

✍THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY: He becomes poor that deals with a slack hand


MEDITATION Words that make one wise(r)

  1. Understanding and cooperation with natural laws give peace, good health and longevity v16.
  2. Understanding and obedience to spiritual and biblical laws open the way to spiritual satisfaction and joy, v16.
  3. Love of pleasures, funs, lavish lifestyle and feasting are sure path to physical and spiritual bankruptcy, v17, I Timothy 5:6.
  4. How does v18 applies to you?
  5. What type of woman are you? v19 gives a reason why some go into divorce or separation.
  6. There is no wisdom in consuming all your income or treasures without investing some for future use or eternal reward, no matter how small v20.
  7. Wisdom is better than skills and strength. Therefore get wisdom v22.
  8. True conquerors are those who have the grace to conquer self, sin and have full control over their tongues, vv23,24.
  9. Get rich quickly mentality without commensurate labour leads to sudden loss of life, honour and possessions vv25, 26.
  10. The giver and the receiver of proceeds of wickedness are both abominable to God v27.
  11. What do you understand by vv30,31?


  1. Ask for the spirit knowledge understanding to walk in wisdom always🙏
  2. Ask God to purge you of all forms of mentality that are opposed to wisdom in your mind🙏
  3. Lord, put the wisdom that will make me the best I can be inside me🙏
  4. Pray for the deliverance of both youths and adults in the Church with the quick rich mentality🙏
  5. Lord, deliver our nation from the plague and the effects of quick rich mentality and all forms of corruption🙏



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