How To Really Get Back In Shape

  • June 13, 2020
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How To Really Get Back In Shape

We can all agree that 2020 is probably one of the craziest years we’ve seen by far, and the worldwide coronavirus pandemic is here to confirm this claim. It has completely changed our lives and everyday routines, forcing us to put everything on hold and stay at home until it ends. So, if you’re wondering how to get back in shape after the pandemic, you’re definitely at the right place. Here are ten useful tips you should bear in mind, so check them out and learn something new today!

Set Your Fitness Goals Wisely

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a passionate fitness enthusiast or just a novice at working out – setting your fitness goals is the first step you should take before you get back to your normal everyday life. This is extremely important particularly for people who had a consistent workout schedule before the pandemic, so take a pen and a piece of paper and write down your priorities and top goals. A SMART technique can be very helpful here, and it means that your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Also, you need to remember that you haven’t been working out for weeks, so be sure to set realistic goals and you won’t make a mistake!

Focus On Consistency

When going back to your routine after a long time spent at home, another essential thing you should focus on is consistency. This basically means that you should start with small yet achievable goals that will help you build your routine back and make it impossible to fail. Even though it probably seems a bit tricky, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Firstly, you should schedule your workouts each week. Mark them in your calendar and stick to the schedule no matter what – at least in the first few weeks after going back to your routine. Of course, if you have to adjust it for any reason, make sure to reschedule your workouts so that you stay on track with your training plan. Switching from morning workouts to evening ones is okay as long as you aren’t skipping them altogether, so bear that in mind and you’ll do a great job!

Don’t Be Desperate About Your Current Fitness Level

Yes, we know that your activity level has significantly dropped due to the worldwide pandemic situation, when everyone practices social distancing and stays at home, but you know what? It doesn’t mean that you should be desperate about your current fitness level, so brighten up a little bit and be as patient as possible. Also, try not to compare your current self to your fittest self, as that should be avoided at all costs – especially in a situation like this. Even though comparisons can sometimes be motivating and inspiring, that’s highly unlikely to be the scenario in this situation, which is why you should stay away from it. Just take one step at a time, start with smaller fitness goals, proceed with the more complex ones, and you’ll see a huge improvement shortly!

Find A Support System

Having a support system always matters a lot – particularly when you find yourself in a challenging situation for the first time in your life. This pandemic undoubtedly is one of such situations, and it can get even worse when you realize that you can’t control it or do anything to change it for the better. Such a state of helplessness can often negatively affect your health – both physical and mental – but you must know that having a circle of people who support you can completely change the game. Rebuilding your fitness routine after the pandemic doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think, and one of the things you can do is to exercise with your friends or join a local fitness group. Planning workouts with your best friend can be extremely helpful as you can motivate each other to persevere and stay strong during the process. It maybe won’t be a piece of cake, but it’ll surely be much easier with the help of a friend!

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Get Properly Equipped

The next crucial step is getting properly equipped, so make sure to get everything you need for the upcoming workouts. Of course, it’s completely fine if you don’t want to miss your sweat sessions during the pandemic, so don’t wait any longer and get some of the basic stuff such as a yoga mat, a battle rope, a kettlebell, a medicine ball, resistance bands, and a set of dumbbell weights. A treadmill is also a fantastic idea if you have enough free space in your home, as well as a stationary bike. While these are beyond perfect for a home workout, there are other essentials you’ll need for an outdoor sweat session, too. For example, you should get a full suspension mountain bike if cycling is one of your favourite outdoor activities. Such a bike is a perfect option for all the adventurous riders who love to take their cycling to a whole new level, so give it a fair shot if you’re one of them. Needless to say, brand new workout clothes will motivate you to keep going and accomplish your fitness goals, so do that and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Evaluate Your Routine And Adjust If Necessary

Everyone knows that getting back in shape can take quite some time, which is exactly why you should do personal check-ins on a regular basis. This is crucial as it’ll allow you to figure out whether your fitness routine is working or not, so don’t skip those check-ins under any circumstances. This should be done by tracking your workouts and reviewing them every three to four weeks. If you notice that you aren’t making progress or that your workouts aren’t giving significant results, it means that you should make necessary adjustments to make it work. Of course, you should also remember that other important factors, such as your diet, sleep, and recovery time, as well as stress levels, are highly likely to affect your fitness progress. You’ll inevitably see a huge improvement once all of these are in balance and under control!

Start With Low-Intensity, Low-Impact Exercises

As for the exercises themselves, we must say that starting with low-intensity, low-impact ones is definitely the best thing you can do after a long time spent in self-isolation. This is vital for several different reasons, but primarily because your body needs to get used to increased activity levels one step at the time. This means that you shouldn’t immediately go for intense workouts at your local gym – instead, opt for lighter exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming. Each of these is a great form of aerobic exercise appropriate for beginners, so take them into consideration and you’ll see why. Of course, make sure to switch between these activities frequently, as that’s a good way to gradually boost your stamina. Also, no matter which activity you choose, remember to go very easy at the beginning and increase the intensity as you go.

Keep Up With Your Cardio…

You probably already know that cardio is one of the most effective types of training you can go for, which is why you should incorporate it into your workout routine. Cardio is known for increasing your heart rate in order to burn fat and calories, which is why many people who want to lose weight love it. Apart from that, cardio training also has numerous other benefits, such as increasing your lung capacity, relieving your anxiety, and helping you sleep better. However, when you’re restarting your workout routine after the pandemic, it’s essential that you go as slow as possible. As mentioned above, all you should do is to start with a brisk 30-minute walk every morning, so that your body gets used to the new activity levels. Other activities, such as dancing and tennis also count as cardio, so give them a fair shot, too, and you’ll love the outcome!

…As Well As With Your Strength Training

Strength training should be another big part of your workout routine, and the reasons for that are more than good. First of all, it can make your aerobic exercises even more effective by preventing injuries, keeping your heart healthy, and making your bones stronger. Besides that, it also increases your muscle strength by boosting your muscle mass and improving your functional performance, which are the benefits that mustn’t be overlooked. The best thing about strength training is that it’s extremely helpful when it comes to weight loss, and that’s because it increases your resting metabolism. It means that your body burns calories when it’s resting, not only when you’re exercising. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so, which is why you should give strength training a try as soon as possible!

Don’t Forget To Celebrate Your Progress

Last but certainly not least, celebrating your progress is another crucial thing you need to do because that’s exactly what you deserve. Once you acknowledge how far you’ve come and figure out how many fitness goals you’ve achieved, you’ll realize that those little things keep you motivated during rough times. There’s nothing wrong or silly about celebrating these little victories and being proud of yourself for lifting five more pounds or not skipping any group workouts you’ve signed up for. You can also come up with a reward system for meeting your goals. Even though it probably seems a bit funny, it’s one of the best ways to give yourself what you need after working out hard. So, why wouldn’t you book an amazing spa day after hitting five workouts in one week or a fabulous weekend getaway after 20 workouts in a month? Just figure it out according to your own preferences and you’ll love the final result!

As you can tell, there truly are so many amazing ways to get back in shape after spending weeks in self-isolation due to the pandemic, and these ten unquestionably are the best ones out there. So, if this is one of your top priorities once this crazy situation is over, just stick to our tips and follow our guidelines. Once that’s done, you’ll gradually get back in shape and become the best version of yourself. That’s a promise!

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