Engaging The Power Of Reasoning For All-Round Breakthrough! By David Oyedepo » Flatimes

  • November 11, 2020
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Engaging The Power Of Reasoning For All-Round Breakthrough! By David Oyedepo » Flatimes


Bishop David Oyedepo

Engaging The Power Of Reasoning For All-Round Breakthrough! By Bishop David Oyedepo

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Topic: Engaging The Power Of Reasoning For All-Round Breakthrough!

WELCOME to another exciting week! I hope you were blessed by last week teaching. This week, we shall focus on: Engaging the Power of Reasoning for All-round Breakthrough!

It is mental exercise that produces mental excellence and mighty works. No wonder people wondered where Jesus got His wisdom and mighty works from. Jesus displayed a great mind in His earthly ministry. It is common knowledge that it is our minds that determines our worth; therefore, without a mind, no one will mind us. Only men with sound minds draw the attention of others. Solomon’s wisdom drew the attention of nations in his days. Our overall state in life is a direct function of the state of our minds. Every star is a thinker and every thinker is a potential star. When the place of the mind is well understood, prayer will be shorter and life will be richer. The whole of God’s creation is tied to the operation of wisdom or to the use of the mind. In fact, the Bible refers to God as the only wise God and the all-knowing God. We have a great invitation in Scripture that establishes God’s recognition of the place of the mind. He said in Isaiah 1:18, Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. So, God believes in His investment in our lives. He believes our minds are an asset for interaction, fellowship and communion. He believes our minds can deliver us from sin. Our minds are divine deposits; it has all it takes to change our destinies, but it has to be stirred (Hebrews 5:14).

Then, how can we Stir up our Minds?

Reasoning: Reasoning is the principal function of the mind. To reason implies engaging in rational, logical and analytical thinking. Reasoning is the ability to process issues into logical and productive ends. So, our minds are biological factories. Concerning the prodigal son, the Bible says he reasoned, …How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger! (Luke 15:17) After that, his reasoning evolved into a plan of action (verse 18). He arose and went back home, and his destiny was restored overnight. Please understand that we are not failures until we start looking for who to blame for it. Beware of the Bethesda syndrome, …I have no man… (John 5:5-9). That impotent man by the pool was grounded for thirty-eight years because he had no plan for escape. His example shows that if we do not apply the fundamental law of reasoning, it is possible to waste a whole lifetime. Therefore, to neglect it means one will never become a success. God says, Come now, and let us reason together… (Isaiah 1:18). So, He cannot tell us to do what He has not equipped us to do. Reasoning is a product of the mind and remember, we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).

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In summary, if we refuse to do the mental work that the race of life demands, we will end up doing the menial jobs on the earth. Therefore, wake up and begin to plan! However, you must be born again. If you are not, this is an opportunity to do so. Simply say the following prayer:

Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins. Cleanse me with Your precious Blood. Today, I accept You as my Lord and personal Saviour. Thank You Jesus for saving me! Now, I know I am born again!

For further reading, get my books: Following the Path of the Eagle, Exploring the Secrets of Success, Ruling your world, Success Buttons, Success Strategies, and Success Systems. I invite you to fellowship with us at the Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, the covenant home of Winners. We have four services on Sundays, holding at 6 a.m., 7.55 a.m., 9.50 a.m. and 11.45 a.m. respectively. Also, you can join our live services via Facebook: David Oyedepo Ministries International, Twitter: @Davidoyedepomin, Instagram: davidoyedepomin, YouTube: Domi Stream, Hebron 95.9 FM, Winners World App, Impact Africa TV (on Startimes and NigComSat), Domi Radio and via the Church Satellite.

I know this teaching has blessed you. Write and share your testimony with me through: Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, P.M.B. 21688, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, call 01-4548070, 01-4548280, or E-mail: dphprints@gmail.com.W

Bishop David O. Oyedepo is a Nigerian Christian author, architect, preacher, and the founder and presiding bishop of the mega church, Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel.


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