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TEXT: LUKE 11:14-28.
KEY VERSE “But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth” (LUKE 11:17).

One military strategy that an enemy nation uses to defeat an army, considered strong and impenetrable, is to try to infiltrate its rank and file by introducing a fifth column within it. This is a group within the army that is sympathetic to the enemy nation and works for it. If such crack is successfully introduced and is not quickly discovered, it can completely wreck the army making it to suffer a lot of casualties and the possible eventual defeat.

This is a practical example of how division within a group can result in the downfall of that group. As Jesus responded to the allegation of the Jews that He cast out demons by the power of Beelzebub, the chief of devils, He told them how practically impossible this was. It will mean that the devil is divided against itself and if that is the case, its house cannot stand. Jesus explained further that as long as a strong army, house or kingdom stays united, it will be difficult for it to be defeated by the enemy.

This teaching of Christ clearly shows why oneness is important to keep a group strong and unconquerable by the enemy.

However sophisticated the armory of an army is, no matter how richly endowed a family may be, and however spiritual a church may appear to be, if there is division within, downfall is certain to follow.

This is a call therefore for every Christian to be united with Christ. As long as we determine to agree with Christ, accept Him and His word as Lord and supreme, it will be easy to agree with one another and stay as one. We must put aside all issues that can cause division among us and determine to work for the unity of the fold. Once this is done, nothing can divide or defeat us. Do not allow division to cause our downfall. Let us be one. Unity pays!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: A threefold cord is not easily broken!



What the Creator of the angels said about fallen angels who became demons

  1. There is unity in the kingdom of darkness v18.
  2. The agents of darkness are very deceptive that they pose to be fighting each other in the physical realm so as to deceive the simple hearted. They have a strong network vv17-19.
  3. People who are using the power of darkness to cast out demons are playing on the intelligence of the simple. The weaker demons are cast out to pay the way for stronger demons and bring the person to a greater bondage. As far as demons are concerned, deception is the game vv17-19.
  4. The only true way that guarantees lasting deliverance from demons and their operations is the overpowering and irresistible anointing of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus vv20-22.
  5. The only sure way the Church can be united and avoid ecumenism is for each saint to be first united with Christ and His doctrines. Any unity not founded on this is on a false foundation v23.
  6. The demons also yearn for a place of rest and it is only in the human spirit they could get it if you open the door of your spirit to them v24.
  7. To every demon possessing a human spirit, there are seven fold of demons seeking for human spirits to indwelt v24. So beware.
  8. Demons do not have a legal right to enter the spirit of someone, including a sinner, without the person “breaking the edge” and there is divine permission vv24,26. The fear of a righteous man being possessed with demons is based on ignorance of the word of God and satanic deception vv24,26.
  9. A person who got deliverance from demons and their activities, but is not saved from sin, filled with the word of God in his heart and also not prayerful has a high probability of being possessed by greater demons and his life will become worse than it was before deliverance v26.
  10. Demons are wicked v26.
  11. Demons also are having fear of insecurity. They are afraid of being cast out v26. So if you are not persistent in casting them out, they will put up a resistance.
  12. If you are a believer, you cannot be possessed by the demons and demons are afraid of you because you have authority over them, Luke 10:19.
  13. Believers’ authority over demons is more real when the believer is an evangelising Christian Mark 16:17,18.
    Lord, I repent of all my sins. Remove every attraction to demons (unclean spirits) in my life
    Lord, I praise you for the authority you gave me over every demons. Give me courage and anointing to be casting them out
    In the name of Jesus, I command all you demons operating in any part of my body to come out and never come back
    Lord, awaken every believer to the realization of his authority over demons and make every one strong in the Lord
    Lord, I command the kingdom of darkness in my church to be exposed and destroyed

HYMN With signs following

  1. When first the risen Lord of pow’r
    His chosen ones sent forth,
    A charge He gave, that solemn hour,
    To preach His saving worth.
    “Go ye,” said He, “to all mankind;
    Declare My Word, and ye shall find:
    These signs shall surely follow them
    Who on My Name believe.”
  2. “No demons shall before them stand,
    No poison do them harm;
    Nor subtle serpent in their hand
    Cause pain or dread alarm.”
    For Satan’s kingdom He o’ercame,
    To give His people right to claim:
    “These signs shall surely follow them
    Who on My Name believe.”
  3. “They shall with other tongues declare
    The wonders of their God:
    The sick beneath their hands, by prayer,
    Shall rise, to prove My Word,”
    So let it be! Firm as His Throne
    Stands this clear promise to His own:
    “These signs shall surely follow them
    Who on My Name believe.”
  4. Crowned with the flame of Pentecost,
    A faithful, fearless band
    Proclaimed His Name: a ransomed host
    Arose from every land.
    The Lord worked with them from on High,
    His proven Word could none deny:
    “These signs shall surely follow them
    Who on My Name believe.”
  5. No word of Thine is void of power;
    No Promise, Lord, is vain.
    Be this a Pentecostal hour –
    Confirm Thy Word again!
    Nor can’st Thou fail! Thou art the same
    As when of old Thou did’st proclaim:
    “These signs shall surely follow them
    Who on My Name believe.”
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