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KEY VERSE “And he shall cleanse the house with the blood of the bird, and with the running water, and with the living bird, and with the cedar wood, and with the hyssop, and with the scarlet” (LEVITICUS 14:52).

Hyssop is a protected plant in Israel. It is a small, hardy shrub from the basil family. It is said to have cleansing properties. The hyssop plant in the Bible symbolizes spiritual purification.

Certain rituals performed to cleanse any house leprosy was found in the Old Testament. First, the house is shut up for seven days. After this period, the house is checked. If the house had signs of leprosy spreading, the entire house had to be pulled down. But if the disease did not spread, then the house was healed. The priest then performed a ceremony for cleansing the house which involved two live birds, cedar, hyssop, scarlet and running water from a river. One of the birds was killed over the basin of water and the cedar, hyssop and the living bird were dipped into the water and the house was sprinkled with it, after which the living bird was set free.

Leprosy represents sin because it has the capacity to spread from the heart into every part of the body. The heart represents the house where the leprosy originates; for from the heart proceeds all evil thoughts which the entire body is compelled to act upon. The product of this process can be found in people’s harsh speeches, immoral actions, violent behaviours, wickedness and the likes.

Cleansing has to begin from the heart. Nothing so far has been found effective in achieving total cleansing for the sinful heart of man. Religious ceremonies and rituals, together with human efforts have unfortunately yielded no results. The only solution to the ‘leprosy’ of sin lies in the precious blood of our sinless Christ who died on the cross to save humanity.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY The blood of Jesus is the all-time antidote to all forms of uncleanness.



It is dangerous covering it: Deal with it

  1. Deliberate reporting
    When there is an appearance of evil which you cannot settle privately between you and God, report it to a spiritual priest vv33-35, James 5:16.
  2. Diligent reappraisal
    The pastor should not rely on one-sided hearsay. He must diligently get to the truth of the matter vv36-38, I Thessalonians 5:21.
  3. Definite and radical action
    Definite action must be taken to effect a cure and avoid a spread vv40-42, I Thessalonians 5:22. Avoid negligence.
  4. Dismantling resolution
    If the spread is not averted, the structure boosting the evil should be dismantled and the principle of Matthew 5:30 followed vv43-45,
    I Corinthians 5:6,7.
  5. Detailed redemption
    The problem of sin is not totally solved by mere human actions. Only blood of Jesus and faith in the blood brings total forgiveness and freedom
    vv46-57, Hebrews 9:22,26.
    Pray for cleansing from all sins and power to sin no more if you are defiled already
    Pray against ever falling into sin if you are saved already
    Pray against the plague of sin entering the church through this tempting period
    Pray for those church members who are already plagued with sin, that the mercy of God will appear to them and get them restored

HYMN Wash me O Lamb of God

1 Wash me, O Lamb of God,
Wash me from sin;
By Thine atoning blood,
Oh, make me clean;
Purge me from ev’ry stain,
Let me Thine image gain,
In love and mercy reign
O’er all within.
2 Wash me, O Lamb of God,
Wash me from sin;
I long to be like Thee,
All pure within;
Now let the crimson tide,
Shed from Thy wounded side,
Be to my heart applied,
And make me clean.
3 Wash me, O Lamb of God,
Wash me from sin;
I will not, cannot rest
Till pure within;
All human skill is vain,
But Thou canst cleanse each stain
Till not a spot remain,
Made wholly clean.
4 Wash me, O Lamb of God,
Wash me from sin;
By faith Thy cleansing blood
Now makes me clean;
So near Thou art to me,
So sweet my rest in Thee,
Oh, blessed purity!
Saved, saved from sin.
5 Wash me, O Lamb of God,
Wash me from sin;
Thou, while I trust in Thee,
Wilt keep me clean;
Each day to Thee I bring
Heart, life, yea, ev’rything;
Saved while to Thee I cling,
Saved from all sin.

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