• April 6, 2020
  • 2 min read
King George V

A story was told about Britain’s King George V, who was to give the opening address at a special disarmament conference, with the speech relayed by radio to the U.S. As the broadcast was about to begin, a cable broke in the New York radio station, and more than a million listeners were left without a sound. A junior mechanic in the station, Harold Vivien, solved the problem by picking up both ends of the cable and allowing 250 volts of electricity to pass through him. Leakage of current threw his body to the floor, shook his arms with spasms, but he held on without a break for 20 minutes until new wires could be connected.” He was the living link that allowed the king’s message to get through.

What an unbelievable dedication and commitment that was! The king’s message got through; whatever it took! That’s how we get to impact the world. Between each of us is a bunch of links created with a definite purpose; one of which is to link others to what will help them fulfill their God-given goal. ” And I sought for a man”, be that man/woman. Somebody needs your love, advise, guidance, counseling, help, gift, care, etc.

You & I are created for community, fashioned for fellowship and formed for a family.

None of us can fulfill God’s purpose by ourselves. You discover your role in life through your relationship with others. Be determined to link somebody today. Have to yourself a superb day!

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