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KEY VERSE “And some of the chief of the fathers gave to the treasure of the work twenty thousand drams of gold, and two thousand and two hundred pounds of silver” (NEHEMIAH 7:71).

A large family in an African village wanted to build a hall. The family was tired of having their children spend huge sums of money on halls during weddings. It was a good line of action but some of the members of the family gave excuses and stayed away. One day, one of the sons of the men who refused to contribute wanted the hall for his wedding. He was asked to pay like others. But all those who contributed to build the hall used it any time without paying, as long as it was available. Today, this hall is so important that people use it for conferences, church programmes and meetings. And for every payment for the hall, those who contributed have some financial benefits.

Nehemiah found a document containing the contributions made by returnees towards the rebuilding of the temple and restoration of its services. This was the main objective of their return and contributions were made by everyone for this purpose. No one was left out because the project was dear to them. And upon completion, everyone went to their cities.

People who build earthly tents and houses invest in them. If the buildings are in suburbs of villages, they leave the cities to monitor the process from time to time. They, most times, suspend other expenditures to complete their projects. Sometimes, our attitudes differ when God’s buildings are involved.

By far, the greatest form of investment anyone could embark upon is investing in God’s business. Such may not produce immediate profit, but the dividends often come in due time.

Today, so much work needs to be done in our churches. No contribution is too big or too small for God’s work. Investing in God service is the surest way to tap into His inexhaustible treasure.

✍THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Investment in God’s business suffers no loss.



Giving to the Lord is not sufficient

  1. The rulers of the people were generally rich and oppressive 5:7.
  2. Surprisingly only some of them were willing to give to the building of the temple. Why not all?
    Lord, give me the heart that gives willingly and sacrificially🙏
    Q What could be the reasons why those rulers did not give?
    Q Do you belong to the givers or excuse givers?
    Lord, I will no longer give excuses when it comes to giving🙏
  3. The surprising thing is that the ruler did not only give for the temple construction but also gave to the ministers in the temple (the priests). vv70,72.
  4. Observe that the priests and all others were happily settled v73.
    Pray that God will using you you in giving to the ministers of the gospel🙏
    Pray for our ministers and missionaries that God will supply all their needs and give them joy in service🙏

Q Do you always remember to give material things to the ministers of the gospel even when they don’t beg for it?

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